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Your monthly shopping, listen, watch and follow list #2

Hello! Can you believe it's November? Me neither! Time has absolutely flown by and those dreaded evenings that get dark super early have arrived. I thought it was about time for a second monthly favourites list of everything I've been buying, watching, listening and who I've been following.


Pom up your life - I'm not biased I swear it, I am just in love with these earrings. They make me feel so GOOD, like walking on sunshine. You know I'm a massive fan of the little things and I believe wearing your favourite pair of earrings can make your day 10x better and in turn, improve your overall well-being. The creator, Sophie, started her brand Pom Up Your Life in 2017 whilst studying at Leeds uni. Recently she's undertaken a whole new logo and poms using vegan yarn. She's constantly releasing new styles and I am sooooo excited for her Autumn collection, I plan on buying a pair of poms for each of my winter outfits! I love handmade local businesses so I really think we should all invest in Pom up your life to spice up our lives.

Use my discount EMMANUELLE20 for 20% off when you spend £10 or more.

Birch Box - I'm quite late to the party but I'm really enjoying a little monthly treat in the post full of loveliness. They're full of hair treatments, makeup, skincare and all that self-care ,girly luxury kind of stuff, and what's really cool, is that you can customise the boxes to fit your particular skin and preferences. I've already found some of my favourite products just by using the tasters. It can be really difficult investing in new makeup products because you'll never know if they'll suit you so this is a cheap and efficient way to try out different things and hopefully, find a staple for your makeup bag! But even if you don't end up actually buying something, it's fun to have something to look forward to each month.

Winter clothes - my winter wardrobe usually consists of whatever hoodie Max will let me steal, but I thought it was about time to start covering up my bare legs (ish). Here are a few items I've bought to keep me warm and wrapped up!

Ivy hanging basket - this is one of my favourite purchases from IKEA a few weeks ago. I can't remember the exact price, but I think it was about £10. I love having greenery and life in my bedroom and this idea has been on my Pinterest board for months so when I saw it, I had to grab it.

Faith in Nature Shower gel - this brand is a little pricier but it's worth it when you have a little extra to spend. It's vegan, 99% natural, and smells DIVINE! It's usually £5.50 but it was half price (I probably wouldn't ever buy if full price because that's extravagant).

Scrunchies - this pack from Primark was only £2.50 and aren't the colours super festive feeling? I think so!

Florist flowers - as I mentioned in last week's blog post, I stumbled across a new little florist. I've only ever picked my own from the garden or grabbed a bunch from Tesco, but flowers are one of the things that brings me most happiness in life, so I thought, rather than buying a new outfit or going for dinner I'd treat myself to this. They look so beautiful in my bedroom and fill it with so much joy. I'm going to try and make it a monthly treat to myself!


Escape to the Chateau - this channel 4 series is about a family that buy a rundown chateau in France and bring it to life. It's now on season 6 so you can watch the whole journey (only 24 episodes in total). The whole process is so interesting to watch - they've completely started from scratch and have created something really unique and beautiful. Angel (the wife) has a totally unique style and always pushes the boundaries. Even if you don't share her particular taste, you can appreciate her talent and ideas. One of my favourite things she has done is press real flowers on the wall to look like wallpaper. Every room has its own theme and they've tried to maintain the history of the house too. Dick (the husband) is super handy and has completed loads of the manual work himself and helps brings his wife's mad ideas to life. Absolutely love their little family and their renovations - such a feel-good series.

The Last Kingdom - Max has been trying to convince me to watch this series for so long now, and I finally agreed because I couldn't decide on anything else. I didn't think Vikings would be my kind of thing with all the violence and goriness but it's actually pretty tame. Basically, it's a Netflix series about a young Saxon who is raised by Vikings and how he tries to be both of those things but can only really choose one. It's not a light watch - you do have to pay attention but it's not hard because SO much happens and it's so action packed that you don't have time to stop. So much happened in the first couple of episodes that I didn't understand how the series could go on. It's one of those series that you're rooting for the character so prepare to get invested.

VOGUE 73 questions on YouTube - I've watched them all so this isn't a new thing, but I haven't suggested them before so, if you haven't heard of this then head to Vogue's YouTube's channel! You'll get a little house tour (the best bit) and interview with so many different of your favourite celebs. It's very relaxed and conversational so you'll get to be really nosy about all sorts. I mainly watch it to look at the interior decor!


Conversations of Inspiration with Holly Tucker with Fearne Cotton - Holly interviews someone different in each podcast about how they made a career by doing what they love. She hopes to inspire us and share a dose of motivation so that we can be fortunate enough to learn something and hopefully, begin / change our career path. I've only listened to the Fearne Cotton one so far because she's my favourite human right now - they discuss founding Happy Place, Fearne's self-branding and navigating happiness and creativity in every-day life. There are 53 episodes to choose from and next on my list are Deliciously Ella and Jo Malone. I'm loving podcasts at the moment and I just know that Holly is going to become a regular because I CRAVE things like this to feed my energy.

Blogosphere: Serious Influence - this podcast is all about the business side of the influencer industry on social media. Blogosphere is a media company and this podcast is a series of interviews with influencers and marketing experts and people within that sphere! I just finished listening to the Grace Beverley episode where she discusses how she built her brand and became the entrepreneur she is today. I've followed Grace for years, way before she had the following that she does now - I admire her work ethic and she's so goddamn intelligent, it really inspires me and interests me to hear her advice and general thoughts. Next on my download list is an interview with Steph Yeboah.

Mellow days playlist on Apple Music - super simple but I listen to this playlist every day and have done for months. I enjoy having background noise and I tend to listen to mellow, kind of sad and pretty songs whilst I'm doing everyday things like getting ready. Can you use the word 'pretty' to describe music? Can someone's voice be pretty? I'm rolling with it.


@itsrooper - a girl called Natasha makes sustainable bags out of scrunchies! Super cute and unique.

@laurasstylex - Laura shares her outfit photos and fashion / lifestyle blog posts.

@_looksbyloz - Laura is a fashion idol, she loves clashing colours and boldness.

@forageandsustain - an account dedicated to sustainable living with lots of different tips and guides.

@stylebymarthaa - another fashion one but a different kind of style - more high fashion streetwear.

@tansimarshall - a fellow Pom pom ambassador, Tansi shares all the aesthetic moments of her life.

@hannahcromwell - an artist that specialises in pink and prettiness on prints and tote bags.

@woodyjen - Jenny is a lifestyle writer and her feed is a mixture of home decor and bright colours galore.

@seesuffolk - Georgia is a fellow Suffolk blogger who shares all the wonderful things to see, eat and do locally. She is super lovely and creates such a community amongst us bloggers.

So that's my little October round up done! I hope you enjoyed it and use one of my suggested points, let me know if you do because I luv making new friends.

"Always be kinder than you feel"


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