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Your monthly shopping, listen, watch and follow list #1

I've been searching for blog inspiration all week trying to branch out and think of new ideas and I came across a blogger called fromrosesxo and kind of like a monthly favourites, she suggests things to watch and listen to which seemed quite fun so I'm going to try it!


Rituals - this is my new favourite brand that specialises in skincare, aromatherapy, hair care and all that loveliness. The main reason I am so drawn to this brand is its emphasis on happiness and joy rather than appearance. When I walked into the shop for the first time in Cambridge I instantly felt at peace and overwhelmed with zen because of the aesthetics, smell and vibe of the shop. Their products and brand takes inspiration from Asian cultures and specifically wants you to indulge in self-care and enjoy those moments of peace like taking a bath, applying moisturiser or doing work in your office with an incense - they encourage you to use their products to spark happiness in those everyday practices. I bought the happy foaming shower gel and shower oil in sweet orange and cedar wood (heavenly eyes), it smells absolutely divine and is supposed to energise you in the mornings. The shower oil is such a fab idea because I find moisturising such a chore everyday so doing it in the shower quick with this is a time saver! Both products are inspired by the happy buddha, aiming to inspire happiness in your life. The packaging is so elegant and simple and basically, I'm in love and expect to blow my wages each month. I also got some bits last Christmas and I've only just started to use them - body cream, hand wash and rice scrub in organic rice milk and cherry blossom.

Metal straw - my friend Saffron came round the other night and showed us this key ring with a compact metal straw inside, I bought one about 10 seconds later. It's such a good idea to have one on me all the time and it was only £6 on Amazon. It comes with a little brush to clean it out and it folds neatly inside. You can choose any colour container but of course, I chose pink.

Makeup - I've been using the Maybelline face studio prime. I go through primers all the time because I tend to buy the ones on offer as it doesn't seem to make a huge difference in my makeup routine. But, this is in the clear shade which minimises pours and evens skin tones which is definitely working for my skin, and it's only £8.99.

Hair band - I've seen so many ladies with hairbands recently and I am loving it! I used to love wearing hairbands in middle school and I'm so glad they've made a comeback. I went into Topshop and there were so many to choose from but at £10, they were a little out of my price range so I ventured to Primark as they usually have similar products for way cheaper, and I was right. Primark had pretty much the same headbands for less than half the price! This orange one was only £2.50 and I wish I had bought more! So many people have complimented me on it and as I usually have my hair in pretty much the same two hairstyles, it felt great to dress it up slightly!

Neal's Yard Remedies Essential Oils book - I've recently got into aromatherapy. I've always loved candles and incense, and I truly believe that different scents can have an impact on our happiness. When I have my own home I want to have different aromas in each room depending on how I want to feel in that space. This book is amazing! It was only £6 from The Works and explains all about aromatherapy, what it can do for us, what the different oils can do for you and how to use them, and different oils and practices you can create yourself like massage oils and bath bombs.


Happy Place podcast by Fearne Cotton - firstly, if you don't follow Fearne on Instagram then do it right now! Her sprinkle of positivity and reality gives me a daily boost. Fearne has written books on happiness and now shares podcasts with us. She interviews all kinds of inspirational people exploring what happiness means. Megan Crabbe (bodyposipanda) joined in one of her recent podcasts, and if you love Megan as much as me then get excited! It was so educational and the mental boost I needed. Megan discusses the diet culture and gives us a new mentality to think about. After listening it made me feel like shouting NO, I won't hate my body and YES, I will stand up to diet culture. She encourages us to only give money to the industries that want us to be happy rather than change our body. Megan really resonates with me and her unwavering views and strength gives me a little strength too. Fearne has interviewed some great people so I would definitely give her a weekly listen!

The Mindful Kind by Rachael Kable - this is another super therapeutic podcast and mindfulness and well-being. Rachael discusses different topics of mindfulness like stress, positive habits, meditation, minimalism etc. She quite often gives us goals, new habits to try and practices to incorporate for a mindful life. This is my favourite to listen to before bed because they're only 10 minutes long and I wake up the next morning feeling motivated and rejuvenated.


BBC3 Odd One Out - Jesy Nelson's emotional and eye opening documentary. I'm very open about my struggles with social media but watching such a raw and open experience from Jesy, made me even more aware and sympathetic to the extent of the issue. Loads of people have been discussing it but if you haven't watched it yet, even if you don't personally resonate with it - I would definitely give it a watch!


@laurasstylex - jewellery and fashion blog

@meg.boggs - an honest and raw reflection of body positivity

@fromrosesxo - a lifestyle blogger

@gatheredthreads - a creative blog

@forageandsustain - a blog about sustainable and conscious living

@somenicepots - a local business in Norwich that I found making pretty pottery

@thebirdspapaya - a positive, real lifestyle blogger

Hope you enjoyed something different!


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