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Why Is It Important to Nurture Your Body?

I am very in tune with my body. I don't know if that's a consequence of anorexia or if it comes naturally, but I always know what my body is lacking, how it reacts and what it needs. I am a massive believer in being in touch with your body, soul and mind and finding a balance between the three. I think it is so important to look after your body because it is the foundation of every single thing you will go on to do.

​If you do not care for your body; it cannot care for you. I find it hard to balance every aspect of my life and it is something I am working on each day. After a full day of work I can't always be bothered to go to the gym. I don't always have time to make a nourishing breakfast or lunch to take to work. Myself or Max's mum often cook for me and so I have no control over what I am putting inside of me. I quite often don't get enough sleep if I am up early and have things to do in the evening. 

When I neglect my body and soul that reflects in the insecurities that start to arise in myself. It's not so much the appearance of my body that upsets me, but how it feels. You can tell when your insides are glowing and healthy and when I have a bit of a groggy day, it then effects my mind. My mind becomes entrapped with doubt and insecurity, which in turn harms my soul. This vicious circle is the reason that we must find a balance between the three parts of ourselves so that they work in harmony. 

Exercising makes me feel good, putting wonderful nutrients in my body makes me feel good, a refreshing sleep makes me feel good. A combination of these things and indulging in self-care, socialising, expressing my creativity, building my confidence etc. forms a happy body, mind and soul which is my main goal in life. The days where I have taken the time to work on all of these things are some of my happiest days and a step towards the person I want to become.

But it's not always possible when we lead busy lives or have other priorities. However by exercising self-love and nourishment a little each day, it all adds up and can become part of our daily lives. I'm going to write down a few things that can help us every day to look after ourselves.

Go to sleep earlier and be present beforehand - I love to have some time away from a screen before I go to sleep because it helps my mind to relax. Read a book, have some pillow talk or meditate. Do anything to relax yourself before bed. And by getting more sleep you will feel more energised and find it easier to complete your tasks throughout the day.

Drink more water - water does wonders for you. The more water I drink the healthier my body feels. 

Eat well - certain foods definitely make you feel better than others. Carbs and proteins make me feel full and activated. What you put inside of you shines outside of you too. My body feels loved, my skin glows and I have a lot more energy when I take the time to choose nourishing foods. Make your breakfast / lunches the night before so that you don't have to rush in the morning. Research cool new recipes so that you find yourself excited rather than thinking of food preparation as a chore. 

You time - take an hour or two out of your day to do something you enjoy. I like to have a bath, write a blog post, look for inspiration on Pinterest or create something. I light a candle, spread everything out on my bed and get lost in my own head. It is so therapeutic and entirely time for yourself. Don't think about work, stress or any worries that you have, just be present in YOUR moment.

Yoga / meditation - I felt really low the other day and I kept crying. So I went on YouTube and found a yoga video to try. It really helped me, I can't encourage you enough to try this! I did it for 20 minutes but even 2 minutes is enough. Stretching your body, following a voice and allowing your mind to be completely still transforms you. I instantly felt better. I'm really going to try and make this a regular part of my day because I think it will really benefit me. Yoga with Adriene is a fabulous channel to check out!

Set goals - write them down. They could be daily, weekly or monthly goals. Whether that be try yoga once a day, go to the gym a few times week or to find a new hobby. When I visualise my dream or see it physically written down it motivates me to achieve it. I set monthly goals in my journal and then have a to-do list for things I want to achieve daily.  You have to take them seriously though which is why it's good to focus on one at a time because once you've achieved one, you can move onto the next and eventually you'll be full of completed goals. 

Create a good skincare routine - I love using natural and floral products because they make my skin feel the most cherished and smell divine. I prefer to use natural ingredients on my skin because chemicals are hideous things. In fact I'd love to take the time to make my own skin products. Nikki Reed posts a lot on Instagram about her homemade skin treatments and I think it is a much lovelier idea so that you know what you're putting on your skin and it's fun and something new to do! 

Read self help books - I am a complete book worm. I want a house with a library and it shall be my favourite room. I am always searching for books that can teach me something and make me feel good about myself. I have learnt a lot from books that I have read about health and well-being and they fill me with inspiration. 

"Beauty is something strange, don't you find? To me it is a word without sense because I do not know where its meaning comes from nor where it leads to" Emmanuelle
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