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Where to eat in England if you're a foodie lover!

I'm back with another foodie related post because it's currently my favourite topic. I've had a very chocolate and dinner-out related Easter thus far, so I thought what better way to mark the holidays than summing up my fave places to eat! They're mostly around Suffolk, Newcastle and London so if you're located in any of those then get booking.

So, in no particular order...

1. Patty and Bun - every single food related blog post I write includes this burger restaurant! All of the 8 locations in London have a super chilled and edgy vibe. They have the best taste in music too, check out their public playlist on Spotify. I love that the burgers are served in paper wrapping rather than plates because burgers are made to get messy with! They're super tasty with the lushest melted cheese that oozes down the bun. Max and I pretty much go every time we're in London because you're guaranteed an amazing dinner and we always seem to be in burger moods. 10/10 !!

2. Aqua 8 - pan Asian cuisine is probably my favourite and Aqua 8 has an extensive menu combined of all fresh, nutritional, exotic and flavoured food. The setting is super romantic with the dim lighting and cosy space. I like that it's fairly small because it's more intimate however, my only criticism is it tends to be a little loud (grandma Emmanuelle talking). The food is simply delicious and beautifully presented. It feels as though you are putting goodness into your body too. My favourite dishes include the duck in a mango and passionfruit sauce, seas bass curry and the dumplings.

3. The Marquis - I've only been once to celebrate my Grandpa's 80th birthday but it was one to remember! it's a beautiful hotel and restaurant with panormaic glass windows and a terrace looking down onto the grounds. It looks very luxurious and perfect to dress up in a pretty summer outfit and heels. I chose the cromer crab and the most beautiful dessert - a raspberry and pistachio mousse and jelly (as you can see below). I've heard great things about the afternoon tea from my grandparents and I'd love to go back again in the summer!

4. The Veggie Red Lion - by far this is the nicest vegetarian restaurant I've tried. Max's parents adore it and they've taken me multiple times. It's super comforting and welcoming inside because of the old decor and beams. They change the menu often and always have specials. Even if you're not a vegetarian it's important and tasty to try different things! I always go for the burger or some sort of veggie chilli or ratatouille. The sticky toffee pudding is THE BEST pudding I've had!! it's so spongy and sweet and delicious I could eat 2. The owners are also lovely and make an effort to ensure you feel at home and welcome.

5. Franks Bar - this cute little cafe is located on Bedford Street in Norwich. It's got wonky wooden flooring, fairly lights and plants galore - so therapeutic. Their menu is really green and nourishing and makes my insides glow. Their tapas is amazing and the menu is constantly changing so you can never prepare for whats awaiting you. It's always busy though so be prepared to wait for a table or get there early.

6. Fat Hippo - again, I've mentioned this multiple times on my blog but I LOVE burgers. Their menu is super unique and dirty. I could genuinely eat every single thing on their menu and demolish it. The cookie dough pie is a winner though. The restaurants are similar in decoration to Patty and Bun with the wooden benches, metal decor and neon lights. I tell everyone I meet in Newcastle to go because you will not be disappointed! their chips are also made to perfection.

7. Marco Pierre White's Steakhouse - I took Max here for his 21st Birthday. The staff were really accommodating and they went above and beyond. Max's dessert was decorated with a candle and chocolate writing, much to his embarrassment but it was special. The food was amazing - typical small portions for the price but the taste compensated for it. Every mouthful was bursting with flavour and we were 'umming' and 'aahing' the whole time. The atmosphere was romantic and intimate through the dark lighting but we couldn't really admire the decor in the evening. If you're looking to dress up and eat a fancy meal in London then I'd definitely recommend here.

8. Bistro on the Quay - Ipswich really isn't the prettiest of towns but the quay is lovely, especially at night. Strolling down the lit up street passing busy restaurants and the glistening water creates a beautiful atmosphere. The Bistro is classy and pretty. I've been a couple of times with my family and Max and loved both occasions. 3 courses for £20 is great considering the quality of the dishes. I've always chosen the sea bass because it is to die for. I also love how bright it is inside.

9. Stack - I'm sure everyone in Newcastle has tried it but if you're visiting soon then head to Stack on Pilgrim street. They call it a creative and social hub. It's full of containers made into food stalls and little shops. Hatch 76, The Bake One and Stixs are my favourite. The food is fairly priced and it's so fun to grab something to eat and sit outside under the heaters with a gin and tonic. There are so many different foods I want to try! I've had Mac n cheese, loaded fries, Mac and cheese bites (which they stopped selling and I am distraught) Korean glazed chicken wings, pizza and falafel and halloumi wraps. Honestly, it all tastes insane. I've got my eyes on the bao buns next. It's super social and I love sitting outside to eat but still being warm! Probably my favourite spot in Newcastle right now.

10. The Belgian Monk - my family and I used to go to celebrate occasions and it quickly became a favourite of ours. We haven't been in ages but it's a super old building in Norwich with dark beams and everything is really old style. The menu is extensive with everything under the sun on offer from hanging kebabs to mussels and a special vegan menu. It's really lush and you can dress up or dress down. Also - mum says that the mussels are the best she's had in England, and she's French so I'd trust her opinion.

11. Olive and Bean - my favourite brunch venue! The best smoothies, salads and breakfasts you will ever try! I really fancy the waffles next time I go but I always really fancy eggs Royale too so it's a tough decision, maybe I'll get both. They also do Mediterranean and greek mezze platters (don't share them, eat it to yourself). They also have a cake selection on display and I would recommend the brownies and tiffin! I always try to bring some home for Max because it is the best thing you will ever try, there are so many flavours. When I want a yummy nourishing meal I come here.

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