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What Do I Want in Life?

I'm back this week with ANOTHER list! lucky you. So, I did a poll a couple of weeks ago and one of the most popular options was Future Life Goals so I'm going to share those goals now. Obviously they'll change all the time but these are the one's I'm aiming for right now...

  • Being happy. I know I know, I go on about the word 'happy' ALL the time, but it genuinely is the most important thing to me. As much as I want all of the following things, if they don't bring me happiness then they don't matter. 

  • Travel. Obviously, you know I am a massive lover of elephants and I've always wanted to see one close up and admire its beauty. But I've got a million places on my list I want to go - Bali and Japan are at the top. I think it's wonderful that we have the opportunity to explore cultures, architecture, history, art and different ways of life and that feeling of awe at a brand-new place is so magical. Max and I also have a joint goal - to try food from every country.

  • Volunteer abroad. I'm not just a lover of elephants, I love all animals and I really want to make good use of my time to make a little difference. I want to help endangered animals and animals that have been abused.

  •  Pursue my dream job. At the moment I am aspiring to be a lifestyle magazine journalist or a blogger. I love writing and to make a career out of a passion is the dream, right? I know that I'll have to work hard, and it won't happen overnight, but I am definitely willing to be patient. I want to be successful too, in terms of reaping happiness and status in my job.

  • Lead a meaningful life. I waste my time doing pointless shit watching rubbish films and sleeping far too much. I aspire to be one of those people who is busy all-day learning, exploring and doing. Like right now I'm watching a documentary called 'Chef's Table' and I feel like this is a really positive use of my time because I am learning from someone's mindset and watching amazing things unfold. I just want to have a purpose and know that I changed the world just a little.

  • Get married. It has always been my dream to get married. I've had Pinterest boards for as long as I can remember. Obviously, I want to spend my life with someone I love and blah blah blah, BUT I just really want to put on a pretty dress, eat cake and decorate!! (I want a replica of Bella and Edwards wedding).

  • Teach self-love and self-care. This blog has bought me so much happiness and great friendships and I have loved every second of writing, posting and conversing with people who have read it. The reason I started my blog was to 1) help myself during recovery and 2) help others during their recovery. When I was anorexic, I didn't know anyone who had been through what I had other than random people on Instagram, so I really wanted to be 'that' person for anyone who needed it. My blog evolved from anorexic recovery advice to a lifestyle blog and I hope my content has got more generable. But I want to continue spreading that awareness and that love into the world. I want to teach my children the things that I hadn't been taught and I want to teach strangers too. Anorexia is still a massive part of who I am, and consequently so is the self-love and self-care that evolved from that illness.

  • Start to enjoy life more. It's only when I stop and think about life that I remember how truly amazing it actually is, just to be a human on this Earth. I want to remember that every single day. I do stress sometimes and care too much about silly things (all normal functions of the brain) but I think you can train your brain to think differently - which is what I am aiming to do. Life is completely limitless, and your identity can be crafted a million times over so there is NO reason not to enjoy life and if you don't, change your situation or your mind-set. 

  • Maintain and nurture a positive mind and soul. I have developed a kinder and positive self over the years and I'd like to maintain that mind-set. I've developed healthy habits and put my mental health first and don't want to jeopardise that. I think, after anorexia, I've always been a bit anxious that I could relapse at any time but I work each day to turn that around and I think I'm doing pretty well. We can always be kinder though and so I want to try harder every day to be a better person.

  • To get more confident. I am such a paradox because I can either talk for England and be totally chill about it or I get super flustered and anxious. I'd say that I am confident in myself, but exercising that is the bit I haven't quite mastered. I like myself and I know I can succeed at anything I want, but sometimes my mood just does not want me to be confident, you know? ​  

"For me, I am driven by to main philosophies: know more today about the world than I did yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You'd be surprised how far that get's you" Emmanuelle
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