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What Did Santa Bring for Christmas?

Like a lot of people, Christmas is my favourite time of year. The fridge is always filled with way more food than normal, the atmosphere is packed with festive excitement, especially with two young nephews and of course, the welcomed break from work to spend with your loved ones.

I am especially fortunate that I have an amazing family. My 4 siblings and I only really get together a few times a year so it's special to celebrate together, and of course, I always feel grateful each year for recovery.  I've been totally spoilt this year and am thankful for everything, especially my health and happiness. But here are my favourite gifts that I received...

Notebook - which will be full of lists and scribbles Water bottle - this is brilliant because it's got extra clips to ensure it won't leak

Calvin's - I've wanted this velvet set forever and I feel flipping amazing in them (would definitely recommend for a self-love treat)

Chocolate - I got a lot more than this but pink champagne truffles are divine, especially the Charbonnel and Walker one's! 

Sass and Belle water bottle Accessorize glitter purse Recipe book - I can't wait to nourish my body at Uni and learn some new tricks  Rhubarb and ginger gin Candle - I got a lot of candles but pink is my favourite colour at the moment  Elephant key ring

Ted Baker makeup bag - I really needed a new makeup bag because mine was a little too small and shabby Topshop bag - my family found it hideously hilarious but I think it's gorgeous and again, pink is my theme at the moment

Lounge underwear set

Vegan shampoo, conditioner and hair mask - my hair genuinely does feel so loved after using this

Golf Le Fleur Converse - I've wanted a pair of Tyler's shoes for SO long and I am so glad that I saved myself for these because I am in love. 

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