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University Room Decor

So I am finally back in Newcastle after four months of summer. I am so ready for 3rd year; I'm feeling very motivated to finally act like an adult and get my life together. A happy and tidy room = a happy and productive mind so I've tried to decorate my room in a homely and bright way! I hope you get a lil bit of inspiration. 

I know I know, I haven't added any photos yet but they're on the way I promise! These set of 3 whiteboard planners are magnetic and super cute. The colours are just right for my pastel theme and I love a list so it's perfect for me! Both the photo string and whiteboards were from Wilko for £6.50 all together. 

Fairy lights - the most cliche statement piece in the room. But come on, they really do make any room look amazing. These were from IKEA and I've had these for years both at uni and my bedroom at home.  P.s. look how cute my little toast pillow is. Max bought me this as one of my first Christmas presents because I used to have an electric blanket in my bed and he loathed it, so this is the perfect compromise: you can warm it up and cuddle it in bed.

Again, I love to write things down and as a student, planning and saving time and money is a priority so by planning out my meals I make sure that I use all the food I have in my fridge and don't have to sit there for ages contemplating what to eat! this was £2.50 from Wilko.

I love plants and greenery in any room, but I have to admit I suck at remembering to care for it. So fake ones are probably a safe option if you're like me. This was £5 from Primark so a lot cheaper than a lot of this style items I see. This candle is also from Primark. It smells really natural and woody which I love. The style is also really cool because you can use it for decoration when the candle has ran out too. 

I received this jewellery box as a gift for my 18th birthday from my auntie. It has my name engraved on the glass. I assume it was from somewhere like notonthehighstreet.com but I really love it and it's always bursting full. I love the scent of vanilla and this candle was only £1 from Primark so I can just keep  buying them when it runs out. 

I really don't like wooden furniture but obviously as a student we don't get a choice. So decorating everything is really important to me. I love everything on this chest of drawers and I had loads of extra things I had to put away because I just don't have enough space! As you can tell, I loveeeeee candles.

You should know by now that I LOVE elephants. This candle holder from Debenhams is probably my favourite piece in the room and the tin actually used to be full of Williamson teabags as a present from Max, but I've kept the tin even though there's nothing in it just because it looks pretty on my windowsill. 

If you buy anything from this blog, let it be this infuser. It's scent is pink lemonade and it is the most heavenly thing I have ever smelt. It was £3 from Primark and I am going to use it forever. I actually saw it in Maddie's room first and stole her idea. Also on my windowsill is my photo frame from Juliette, my good things of 2018 jar, a fake houseplant and some little candles that smell divine although I haven't lit any yet. 

"Happiness is homemade"


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