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Tropic skincare review

I've always been blessed with pretty clear skin, but I came off the contraception pill about a year ago and since, my skin has constantly suffered with breakouts. It may seem like a trivial thing, but it's a new insecurity for me so I'm desperate to find a skincare routine that works.

I was lucky enough to receive some gifted skincare in the post. I hadn't ever heard of Tropic but when I put a picture on my Instagram story, so many people replied telling me that I would love it! So, I had pretty high expectations for my skincare glow up.

Products aside, what I love most about this brand is their philosophy. I am so passionate about looking after my body, and keeping it as naturally nourished as possible so the fact that all their products are inspired by natural ingredients found in Australia was really appealing to me.

They're also vegan, sustainable and dedicated to the latest green technology! So it all sounds amazing, but do the products work?

I've been using the ABC collection: all the essentials including a smoothing cleanser, vitamin toner, skin feast moisturiser, blemish fighting mask and a bamboo cloth.

If you have sensitive skin you can opt for the unscented range of essential oil-free editions. I love that they've catered for all!

How to use them:

I begin by washing my face with a tea tree oil face wash from The Body Shop. I won't bore you with the details - you know what to do. I used to use a Simple face wash and it was amazing but they discontinued it.

I wash away excess makeup and dirt with the smoothing cleanser. It says to apply 2-3 pumps but 1 is enough for me. It has green tea extract in which is a powerful antioxidant. I massage it onto my face and neck and then wipe it away with warm water and the bamboo cloth: it's a fab alternative to single use face wipes and cotton pads.

Then I spritz my face with the vitamin toner containing aloe vera to cool and refresh my skin. This has been especially great when I've spent all day in the sunshine.

I perform these two steps morning and evening!

In the mornings I add the skin feast moisturiser. I've always had a tricky relationship with moisturiser, they tend to work well for the first few days and then cause me to break out more. But this one feels so much lighter and less creamy and chemically, so far so good which I am thrilled about.

I use the facemask as recommended once a week, to give my skin a treat. Top tip: keep your facemask in the fridge! I had no idea but apparently it helps the natural ingredients stay fresh.


My skin most definitely feels more nourished! I've only used it for a couple of weeks but my spots have started to clear and my overall skin feels so much smoother and has a healthy glow.

My favourite product is the cleanser because it feels so creamy and light. I don't like putting lots of chemicals and cream on my face because sometimes it feels like I'm just making it dirtier, if that makes sense? But this product has made me feel so healthy, clean and hydrated.

I noticed the facemask makes an instant difference. As soon as I washed it away, my skin felt brighter and clearer already. The tub looks quite small initially but there is so much product inside!

It's been so therapeutic and enjoyable having a set routine too. I know exactly what I'm doing with this range and it's 5 minutes of self-care heaven morning and night.

Is it worth £56? After 2 weeks, I would definitely say so! It seems quite expensive, but When I think of all the money I've spent on odd bits of skin-care trying new things, I think it's pretty justifiable. Nourishing my body is so important to me and investing in skincare is a form of self-care and body positivity to me!

Next on my list to purchase is the facial tanning serum! I'm so happy to have been introduced to this brand, I can tell it's the start of a life-long relationship!

Skincare Q & A with Francesca

Francesca is a Tropic ambassador and she's been kind enough to answer all of our skin-care related questions! Check out her Instagram for product tips and the latest news!

Q: What is the absolute must have Tropic product?

A: Cleanser! I couldn't live without it. It's so much better than a makeup wipe and it comes with a free bamboo cloth so it's better for the environment and super gentle on the skin.

Q: How can I clear up red patches of skin for oily / combination skin?

A: Try the ABC collection and opt for the clear skin facemask. It's all about balancing the skin pH so a well rounded skincare routine is a must.

Q: What do you like most about the brand Tropic?

A: The Tropic ethos, what we stand for: carbon neutral, partnered with United World schools (so for every £50 spent, Tropic sends a child in one of the worlds poorest and most remote communities to school). Of course they've changed people's lives too in terms of clearing up skin issues.

Q: What is your number 1 top skincare tip?

A: Cleanse every day no matter what and wear SPF! Skin ageing is caused mostly by UV rays.

Q: Should I wear sunscreen everyday?

A: Yes you should! Our Great Barrier and Sun Day products are designed to act as daily moisturisers and as I said, skin ageing is caused by sun damage.

Q: Do I need to moisturise even if I have oily skin?

A: Yes 100%. Actually most of the time the skin produces excess sebum. When your skin needs hydrating it will become more oily and cause spots.

Q: How can I stop my skin from breaking out?

A: I would always suggest our ABC collection. Breakouts are caused by excess sebum production so a good skincare routine is essential. The Clear Skin mask 1-2 times a week will certainly help a lot.

Q: What's the best way to get rid of blackheads?

A: Try our Face Smooth, Clear Skies cleansing powder or Clear Skin mask. All of these work to clear clogged pours and reduce oil / sebum production which will rid your blackheads.

Q: When should I start using anti-ageing products?

A: You can start as soon as possible! Anti-ageing is about hydration and plumpness so it never hurts to start early.

Q: Best products for dry skin / or to make skin glow?

A: The Glow Berry Brightening Serum is high in vitamin C to fight free radicals, protecting from hyper pigmentation and the Rainforest Dew Serum will hydrate your skin. Also, the Skin Dream cream is an anti-ageing night cream which will plump and hydrate your skin.

Find Francesca's shop here.


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