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The healing power of nature

On Sunday, Max and I had a very 'Sunday' type of day. I really wanted to find a walk with lots of beautiful autumnal leaves. So, we ventured to Kings Forest on a fresh, sunny afternoon and it was utter bliss.

It's no secret that getting outside can improve our well-being: the positive effects are documented everywhere. But I have never experienced it's healing powers as I did that day. My soul began singing as soon as I stepped out of the car.

I looked around and I felt still. All of my worries and anxieties floated away into the subtle breeze and were absorbed by the sunshine. With each step I took I made it my mission to experience every single emotion and physical feeling: how the leaves crunched under my boots, the melodies the birds chirped, the freshness on my skin, the smell of pine, the view of green expanse and the joy it all gave me.

I kept repeating how beautiful the day was. 'Look at that tree' I kept saying to Max.

I often forget to truly live in the moment, it's one of my biggest flaws and something I'm trying to work on. That day taught me the power of experiencing the now and finding happiness in the smallest of things. Nature is free and it is all around us, we don't have to look for happiness any further than within ourselves and our surroundings.

Afterwards, we ventured back to the car and I said to Max, "you know when you play video games and next to the character they have energy levels? If we had energy levels floating above us, mine would be bursting right now" because I felt such a rejuvenated joy for life!

I suppose you're wondering what the moral of this blog post is? Well, this is a simple reminder to get outside! Especially at the moment, if you're feeling more anxious or stressed than normal, connecting with nature could be the cure you need.

Not only is walking great for our physical self: it reduces blood pressure and works our muscles, it also contributes massively to our emotional well-being. Hearing wildlife, fresh air and greenery soothes us and reminds us that we have a sense of purpose.

It's also a great opportunity to put your phone away (besides a few snaps of course) and enjoy quality time with yourself or loved ones. With each step, be mindful and pay attention to your surroundings.

I promise you, you'll leave feeling happier.

Emmanuelle x

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