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The best spots for Christmas gifts

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year; I go mad for it! I love buying gifts that people will love, I love dressing up glam and I love eating my body weight in delicious food. I like to think I'm a good shopper so hopefully, I can share some good ideas with you.

Not on the high street

This website is amazing! It hosts thousands of small creative businesses from around the world that offer totally unique and personal products. There are so many different sections to choose from - gifts for her, him, parents, couples, housewarming, new baby etc! I have bought so many great presents from here for special occasions. What I love most is you can personalise most things, they're special gifts that few people will have the same of and, when you make a purchase, you're supporting an individual business which is great! There's a huge range from super luxurious and expensive to affordable and dainty, so there really is something for everyone.

Here are my favourite purchases:

Star fleece baby wrap - I bought this when my baby niece Cora was born. She loves it because it's so cosy and she looks adorable in it.

Personalised travel jewellery box - I bought this for my sister-in-law. It's perfect for someone that travels often and needs to take their favourite jewels along with them.

Friendship bracelet - one of my best friends moved to America so I thought this long-distance friendship token was a good way to show my love for her.

Anniversary key ring - Max and I recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary together and he is soon to be moving out, so this seemed like a fitting idea.

Lisa Angel

One of the most beautiful shops I have ever laid eyes on. Every single item is Instagram worthy and just plain old pretty! Find the perfect piece of jewellery, trinkets, homeware, accessories for a stocking filler or secret Santa gift - it's girly heaven galore. Every piece is dainty and looks specially handcrafted rather than the same old trends you see throughout the high-street shops.

Present ideas:

Trinket box - you can never have too many trinket boxes lying about for hairpins, rings and odd bits. I love this speckled star design.

Marble jewellery hanger - I love this super chic and elegant little hanger for your favourite pieces.

Ring - I could genuinely buy every single piece of their jewellery but I think this is my favourite.

Wall basket - this is super cute for a bedroom or bathroom to make clutter look pretty and neat.


I recently found this shop in Norwich and it's perfect for the indoor plant lovers amongst us. When you walk in there are plants from every angle: hanging from the ceiling, laid on the windowsills, perching on the floor etc, so it smells like a greenhouse (divine). There were other quirky homeware products too like ceramic pots, mugs, tote bags but this marble enamel mug is my favourite find!

Earl of East

This lifestyle shop is similar to Elm, but slightly more high end. This is one of my favourite homeware and self-care shops because of their earthiness and natural products that celebrate a number of different artisans and brands. I definitely recommend this shop if you know someone who loves high-end urban, earthy lifestyle interior accessories because they're high quality and super aesthetic. Their medium-sized candles are £20 and come in so many different scents that it's really hard to choose from - I have 'greenhouse'.


So many local people to Suffolk have never heard of this independent village gift shop and I'm always so surprised. Every season the decorations and gifts change to suit - Halloween, Easter, summer garden parties and yes, Christmas! If I'm ever in need of a short-notice gift or a unique treasure I head here because of the huge array of gifts they offer like candles, party decorations, cards, home furniture, trinkets, jewellery etc, which are all reasonably priced and of good quality. It looks small from the outside but just like Aladdin's cave, it goes on and on. There's also a little cafe to leave your boyfriend in while you shop or catch up with your gal pals afterwards. I haven't even mentioned where Emzo is located yet, how silly of me - it's in Cotton and here's where to find it. From now until Christmas, every Tuesday they're open until 8pm so it's the perfect location for a late-night shopping spree.

Pom Up Your Life

How could I not mention my favourite earrings?! The new autumn/winter collection is divine. They would be great for secret Santa or a gift for a jazzy jewellery lover. I receive so many compliments every day about my earrings - I think because they're so noticeable that people are drawn to them. Sophie (the maker) is just so lovely and deserves lots of support. I've bought 3 pairs for myself and 3 pairs as Christmas presents (I'm not telling you who for obviously).


My favourite brand for self-care and a hint of indulgence. They're not drugstore products, as in they're not the cheapest but, they are worth the extra few pennies if you appreciate all that self-care luxurious magic. The reason I'm so in love with this brand is their message - they want us to enjoy the simple act of taking care of ourselves and existing. Lighting a candle, the different scents around your home, taking a bath, they encourage us to appreciate how joyful it makes us feel. They make is so easy to drift into peace and take pleasure in our daily rituals. I've bought their tea bags, shower gel, moisturiser, bath oil and other bathroom products. Each scent is supposed to make you feel a certain way e.g. refreshed or energised and I truly believe I feel a little ray of sunshine every time I use one of their products because I remember their message! FYI, my all-time favourite scent is the sweet orange cedarwood. Self-care isn't just for women either! The men's products come in urban trendy packaging and feel just as indulgent and soft on your skin. Max and I both rate this brand very highly!

Snape Maltings

Perhaps my favourite place ever, I would like to permanently live in the furniture and food hall. If I win the lottery (or become a successful businesswoman) every item of furniture I own will come from that hall and I shall eat Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc De Champagne chocolate truffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's great for unique and local food and drink products - they're constantly hosting new brands and every time I visit there's something new to try. The furniture and home decor are expensive and it's very fancy so not ideal for a student budget. I've never been able to afford anything other than a mug before but if you have the money and you're looking for something in particular then this is a great place for you. There are multiple other little boutiques dotted around to explore too selling jewellery, clothing, books, children's toys and stationery. There's also a concert hall, restaurant and galleries to get lost in. After some Christmas shopping, you could wrap up warm, head to Aldeburgh for some fish and chips and take a breezy walk along the coast.

Belle Bands

I've actually just purchased my first belle band as we speak and I can't wait to debut it and show you guys. They're so beautiful and handmade. There's loads of choice and they're really easy to purchase - just choose your band and fill in the form in the Instagram bio. If you're doing a secret Santa with your gal pals then this might just be the perfect purchase for you - under £10 and super pretty and individual. You can choose your design based on your personality/style and use it as your signature accessory.

Happy shopping lovelies & more Christmas content to come!


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