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The Best Burgers

If I only had one meal left on this earth I would choose a big fat greasy burger oozing in melted cheese, and fries obviously. Usually when I go out for dinner its a toss up between a burger and tapas so for now, here's a list off all my favourite burger places...

1) Patty and Bun These burgers are all over London. The place is edgy and compact and heaving with life. They have a public playlist on Spotify which you'll love too. I'm looking at the menu now to remind myself what it's like and oh my god, my stomach is making noises like never before. Just like street food, it came wrapped up in paper without a plate so be prepared to get messy (wear napkins if you always spill food like moi). They're a winner! the meat is really good quality and the rosemary chips are to die for! Oh and the cheese balls, there are too many options! 

2) Hache Burgers

I visited the one in Camden but there are multiple locations in London, again it was a really small restaurant but very prettily decorated. The choice was immense, definitely the most options I've ever seen, and the most diverse! I had a lamb and tzatziki burger which is not something I would usually choose but it was divine. Plus the halloumi fries were really thick and crisp. This was a nice option because it didn't make my body feel groggy or overly full afterwards so you can tell it was good quality. Max had the 'steak le fume' with caramelised onions, gruyere (the best cheese by the way) bacon presented in a smoke filled dome which was obviously really cool. 

3) Fat Hippo Exclusive to the North East, fat Hippo lies in Newcastle city centre, Jesmond and Durham. I really couldn't choose my favourite burger place but this is definitely right up the top. You know how much I love cheese, and you will not be disappointed. The Mac and cheese balls were the biggest and gooiest I've tasted so what more can I say. Next time I go, I'm definitely going to get a few starters because they look insane (the trash browns and dirty waffles are calling my name!). They're just SO tasty and I always indulge in this as my hangover cure. 

Try the famous peanut butter and jam burger for the perfect combo! and if you go with someone - I would 100% recommend each getting a different burger and halving it because then you'll get the best of both worlds and can compare notes. Max and I always do this. I know this is a burger post, but c'mon it wouldn't be me if I didn't note the desserts - we had waffles but I could have eaten every single one - especially the cookie dough pie and chocolate brownie.  You know what? This is my favourite burger place.

4) Isaac's My first food date with Max (we dated for over 2 months before we went out for food, insane?!) and I opted for the vegan burger, and it was bloody huge and delicious. Isaac's are really generous with their portions so you can imagine how full I felt after scoffing a plateful of sweet potato fries (which are super thin and crisp). I love a veggie burger too because I always feel cleansed and re-nourished after all that veg! Even if you're not a meat lover I'd recommend trying a veggie burger because I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

5) Truffle Lounge Ok so I didn't actually eat the burger myself, but I did take a massive bite out of Max's so that counts right? We visited for dinner in Rome but there are 5 restaurants around the world. We wanted one night where we could dress up fancy and have an expensive dinner. We strolled around for ages (I was in heels and if you've been to Rome you'll know how hard it is) trying to find somewhere but we didn't have much luck finding any unique Italian places to eat in Rome; every single restaurant looked divine but super busy. So we didn't opt for anything truly Italian but we were one of only three couples dining outside and it was so romantic. Our food came out on silver trays and the waiters were dressed so elegantly. I wish I had snapped a photo of the restaurant because looking at the website now, it's so gorgeous I could look at it all day. 

Obviously a hint in the name, every dish came with truffles which sparked my love for them. The burger really was insane and Max is RARELY satisfied with a meal, especially a burger but he still raves about this one and says its the best he's ever had, as it should be for £35. For the record, the sea bass was amazing too.

6) Cosy Club One of my favourite places to eat ever. The menu has SO much choice, perfect for every mood! I love the tapas, all the mains and of course, the burgers. I adore the decor, it's really old school and reminds me of what your grandad's office would look like! I haven't tried the 'Thai veggie' but I've never seen a burger like that and am very intrigued so that's next on my list for a Christmas visit. The bigger burgers have a Mac and cheese fritter inside which is a clear WIN for me.  I'm pretty sure everyone in Suffolk has been to Cosy Club, but if you haven't... you should jump on the bandwagon...

Burger places I want to try... Shake Shack Dip and Flip Honest Burgers ​

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