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The A-Z of Self-Love

A- aromas and energy in your environment  B - body positivity  C - create your own idea of healthy and happiness  D - dream big and inspire others  E - explore your spirituality  F - fail and learn from your mistakes rather than beat yourself up G - give kindness and compassion back into the world  H - happiness  I - intuition - listen to it rather than follow the status quo  J - just live freely  K - knowledge - keep learning and trying new things  L - love and accept who you are  M - make time to do what you love  N - nourish yourself inside and out  O - own your inner and outer beauty and believe it  P - practice healthy habits and make your own rules  Q - question the parts of yourself that tell you you're not enough, and that you're not amazing, interesting, intelligent, pretty or kind. R - read more books and reflect  S - stop comparing yourself  T - talk to yourself and trust yourself  U - understand your body, mind and soul  V - validate yourself - you don't need validation from anyone else  W - worship your body  X - x-press yourself with creativity, freedom and words (no I couldn't think of a word beginning with 'x' I'm sorry. Y - YES - say yes more to things that push you out of your comfort zone  Z - zest - show excitement for daily things and be passionate about life 

"to be liberated is to find home in your own body" Emmanuelle
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