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Summer Skincare / Makeup Routine

Finally, summer is upon us and it's time to get that natural glow. I don't like wearing a lot of makeup in the sunshine because my face feels clogged up and I want to get some vitamin D on my skin. Plus, summer freckles are my absolute favourite thing.

So obviously if I don't want to wear too much makeup, I have to step up my skincare routine. But I definitely believe that salt water, sunshine and a happy attitude are all you need to feel great in summer.

I always start my morning and end my night by washing my face with Simple refreshing facial wash.  I've stuck with it since high school because it does wonders for my skin.

Then I cleanse using a Simple's purifying cleansing lotion. It's really gentle and soothes onto my skin with ease. I just dab a little bit onto cotton wool and dab it onto my skin in circular motions.

I follow on with Botanics rosewater toning spritz. I love this brand because it's 100% organic. I just spray this onto my skin and instantly feel fresh and hydrated. The rosewater smells amazing and leaves a healthy glow.

I used to moisturise with a different Botanics product (previously mentioned in 'my favourite products at the moment' post), but I found that it was over oiling my skin for this weather and I wanted something a little thicker and creamier for my face. So at the moment I'm using No 7's beautiful skin day cream. This has already had a major impact on my skin, it feels so smooth and radiant. SPF is also a really important factor for me.

Finally I just add some Simple, revitalising eye roll-on under my eyes to wake them up

Sometimes I'll stop here if I want a complete natural look. By this point my skin feels healthy and glowing and I like a bare look so I don't mind skipping the next few steps. But if I want to wear makeup this is what I'll use...

I've only just discovered this brand, Stila but I love it. The packaging is beautiful and all of the colour and sparkle really catches my eye. I add a little bit of skin tone correcting and brightening serum to my fingertips and rub onto my face, which really does do what it says. My skin sparkles in the sunlight and looks really bright and awake.

I have two different foundations both from No 7. The first one is Instant Radiance which just tints my skin slightly with a bit of colour and highlight. I use this if I don't want proper coverage but want to even my skin tone and cover any blemishes. The other foundation I use is Beautiful Skin BB cream. I love BB cream because it is so much easier and natural looking. It covers my face in a really pure, healthy way so it doesn't look like I'm wearing makeup. I like to blend the two together sometimes too. I usually just rub these products in with my hands.

I always wear blusher. That would be my number one makeup product if I had to choose because it adds a little colour to your face and instantly makes you beaming. I use the Sleek face form contour pallet for this step because I love the sparkle of the blusher and it's handy if I want to apply a bit of highlight or contour. I love highlighting my upper lip and nose!

I fill my eyebrows in slightly with a Sleek stylist pencil. If I'm going out or want to look 'done up' I'll apply a full brow but a lot of the time I just fill in the tail if I'm going to be in the sunshine for a while.

And there you go...

"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will" Emmanuelle

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