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Simple ways to show kindness

We're all trying our hardest right now to be better humans to each other and it fills my heart with so much joy! If you need some more inspo, here are some ideas:

  • Send an old fashioned letter or a postcard to someone - handwritten.

  • Leave a message for someone to find. If you lend someone a book, leave a note in it. If you drop off someone's shopping for them, write a note. Or, leave positive quotes when you go on a walk for someone else to find.

  • Leave a positive review of something you bought or experienced recently.

  • Donate to a different charity each month, even if it's only £2.

  • Pick some flowers from your garden and give them to someone.

  • If you bake a cake, save a slice for your neighbour or postman.

  • Pick up litter if you see any by the side of the road.

  • Compliment someone or leave a nice comment on an Instagram photo.

  • Share your friends businesses / projects.

  • Offer to cook for your parents if you live at home.

  • Send someone a song you think they may like.

  • Lend someone your favourite book.

  • Make a care package for someone.

  • Smile more.

  • Befriend someone new.

  • Send a positive text.

  • Practice self-kindness towards yourself.

  • Learn people's names that you encounter regularly and say hello to strangers you meet on your walk.

  • Send thank you notes.

  • Try to refrain from moaning online.

  • Leave plant cuttings by your front door for your neighbours to find for free. If you pick up that plant then send a thank you note in return.

  • Write a gratitude list.

  • Call someone you haven't in a while.

  • Send someone flowers.

"Throw kindness around like confetti"


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