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Seven Super Semester Goals

Wow. How quickly have the last two years gone? I can't believe I am in my final year of university and will soon be unleashed into the adult world to fend for myself. No thank you. 

I am super motivated for university and I guess, life. So far so good, but I'm sure we're all too aware of how motivation can fade. So as a reminder to myself, here are a few goals and habits we can try and incorporate into our days (you know I love a good list) so here we go...

1) Be on top of work  Try and do a full day of work. I could sleep for hours on end but waking up early is a real day-setter for me. If I wake up early I feel like I can accomplish so much more and I have time to balance everything (like self-care, being social and working hard).  I also like to break up topics of work so that I'm not doing the same thing all day otherwise I lose concentration - making a list of what you want to accomplish also really helps to prioritise what's important.  A typical day for me goes something like this...Get up, showered and readyMake a good filling breakfast Go to the gym nice and early to feel active and ready for the tasks aheadMake a protein smoothie and a yummy lunch - I am loving smoothies at the moment. I hate protein shakes so I've been making these instead which are fab when you have a sweet tooth like me. I like to go to a coffee shop or the university to do work because I want my bedroom to be somewhere I can relax and unwind rather than think of it as a place to do work. This is a bit of a cheat but going out to do work means that I feel more productive as I am out the house all day. However I would definitely recommend bringing snacks and drinks with you because it can get expensive when you're sitting in costa dreaming of hot chocolates. In the evenings I like to sit with my housemates and watch TV, binge watch Riverdale (aka get a little does of all the fitties) in bed, do a Facemask or FaceTime my parents while devouring a chocolate orange (btw they're only 75p in Tesco at the moment - thank me later). This leads me onto my second goal...

2) Find time for creativity  I obviously want to do well this year so I've been focusing a lot on work and taking care of myself physically and mentally by practicing self-love. But what I've been neglecting is my creativity. I haven't written a blogpost that has challenged me and I've enjoyed for a while now and it's increasingly harder to find the time which sucks. Not only that but I love to explore art, read books, yoga and watch documentaries (about interior design, galleries and spirituality) but I've completely neglected making time for it. One of my projects this year for journalism is to choose a blog theme and create a social media account to explore that - and I've chosen galleries in Newcastle so I am super enthusiastic to dive into that and start learning / exploring!!!

3) Explore Newcastle and be social I definitely have a tendency to be a little hermit and hide out in my room. But this term has been really positive so far and to my surprise, I've rarely said no to a night out or a social event! wow. I said no to a lot of things last year for one reason or another, but I want to say YES more. I've made a list of everything I want to do in Newcastle this year (maybe a blog post coming soon) because it is such a beautiful city and I don't want to take it for granted for a second, given that the future is so unknown and who know's where I'll be this time next year! eek. 

4) To think of my body in neither positive nor negative ways For my dissertation I've been researching beauty ideals and I've come across a lot of literature about body positivity and body ideals in general. I've learnt that it might be more beneficial for my health to simply view my body as a body. No praising myself  with self-love and no beating myself up for having a few flaws. The more attention I pay to my body in any way, the more I get wrapped up in that little bubble again. HOWEVER body positivity taught me a lot about myself and showed me so much light when I needed it, so I still want to practice self-love and nurture my beautiful self. 

5) Have a positive and uplifting attitude The stresses of third year may hit and insecurities may arise but your attitude can squash all of those. I am a sucker for emotions, they hit me like a ton of bricks and engulf me, but I am a believer in that you have control over your reactions and attitudes towards things. By maintaining a positive attitude towards your workload, you will find it easier to manage it and de-stress. By maintaining a loving and uplifting attitude you can find self-belief, self-worth and learn to love who you are. And the magical thing about that, is when you exercise that attitude, you teach other people how to do the exact same and you'll create a beautiful community around you that will just keep on giving and giving. BE POSITIVE my friends and UPLIFTothers.

6) Chill a little I feel like everyone is worrying about what's going to happen a year from now. I used to be someone that needed to know what I was doing every minute of the day, and to some extent that's still true because I like structure. But I have become so OK with going with the flow: I want to travel, I want to write for Cosmopolitan, I want to move to a city, I want to live in the countryside, I want a baby, I can't wait to get married, I want to do so many things. But I have no idea when I'm going to do those things, in what order or how I'm going to get there! (I mean c'mon, Cosmo is a bit of a high expectation isn't it?) but I KNOW that I want it, and that's the main thing. I can figure out the rest later. I think we all need to take a moment and remember that people are still figuring out what they want to do and who they want to be at 50. You don't have to have your dream job at 20. You can do things in any order. Plans will change. Accept that and learn to be ok with it. 

7) Just a little goal for my last one. Buying fruit and veg at uni is such a hassle because it goes off so quickly and they're quite pricy in the convenient shops. Newcastle has a really good market on Grainger Street that has loads of stalls inside with LOTS of choice for half the price! and I always say to myself 'you must go to Grainger market' but I'm too lazy and end up grabbing something on my way back home. So no more laziness and more money saving. 

​"​You have such a beautiful light to offer to this world. Each and every day, the universe looks forward to when you awaken and are able to contribute all your many gifts" Emmanuelle
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