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Self-Love Steps to Make Today

Hello there darlings,  ​ I am on a much needed endeavour of self-love this week. I've really neglected taking the time for myself and making myself feel good. I haven't exactly done the opposite, I've just forgotten to make a conscious effort.  Sometimes university, and life, can get in the way and you lose yourself along the way. I've just been floating around the past few weeks with no real purpose or motivation. But hopefully this blog post will give a dose of inspiration and get me moving! 

Here are some tips / words on how to give yourself some love this week:

1) Unfollow celebrities / bloggers / anyone that promotes unhealthy diets - I've seen A LOT on twitter by the beloved Jameela Jamil talking about Flat Tummy Co and I support her every step of the way. Laxatives are not a healthy or sustainable way to lose weight, and what's ridiculous is that these celebrities don't need to lose weight? and nor do the thousands of women consuming that message. No doctor will ever advise you to try these methods. I took laxatives when I was anorexic. After an accidental binge I would take laxatives and immediately regret it, but it was a quick fix at the time and the only way I could make myself feel better. But it damages your body and there are so many other better ways to cleanse your body. These types of diets will not make you feel better and not help you lose weight - so don't take any chances or get pulled into this. 

2) Don't wear makeup every day - a key thing for me is being comfortable with my natural self. So if I wear makeup a lot and start to feel self-conscious without it, that's when I know I should take a break and become a'natural again. That's also why I'm scared to try eyelash extensions or brow tinting because I don't want to feel like I can't exist without them.  But on the other side of that spectrum - today I wore makeup because I hadn't for WEEKS and needed to feel a little more human and if that's what you need, then that's cool too. Listen to yourself.

3) Make an effort to be a better person - I'm really trying to be kinder to other people. Sometimes you can find yourself judging and saying / acting in ways you regret - so by making a conscious effort to be kinder, I think it can make yourself feel more loved and compassionate too. Self-love does come from within and what better way to radiate that onto other people? 

4) I also unfollowed all the fitness models on Instagram that were feeding me negatively. Of course each person is going to react to content differently but I found that I was just trying to copy them and became fixated by them so by ridding it altogether I feel way better. But if I want gym inspiration of course I'll have a browse, I just don't want to be bombarded by it every day.

5) Accept what you cannot love - if you're just not feeling something about today appearance or you're feeling anxious for a presentation - accept those feelings, you don't have to try and convince yourself that actually you do look amazing or you're feeling super confident. Just by simply processing and accepting those feelings, you may feel more at peace. I've had a really tough time at the gym recently because I feel so self-conscious and it's been super busy, so instead of crying about it or trying to convince myself otherwise, I've just plugged in my headphones and got on with it and accepted it.

6) SLEEP! I am sadly one of those people that need at least 10 hours sleep to function. It's been so noticeable this week because I've felt less motivated, self-conscious and had a lack of energy. Sleeping is the cure for me - I feel so much more refreshed and able to love myself when I've had enough sleep. 

7) Socialise - I am a sucker for pjs and movies in bed. But sometimes you need to just get dressed in something cute, make yourself feel good and have a laugh! Getting out of the house and being with people you love makes all the difference and your endorphins shoot through the roof. My friends and I teach each other so much and our self-love bounce off each other. 

8) Choose a purpose in life - obviously it doesn't have to be crystal clear but understanding who you are, what you want and how you want to live can contribute so much to your life right now. I am very in tune with myself, I know I want to be happy in life and I want to contribute kindness, happiness and love into the world. There are many other things that I want but they all come under the same headings. This helps me live a life I am proud of every day.

9) Stop watching crappy movies - I watched 4 movies the other day and cried throughout them all. I woke up with the heaviest eyes and a heavy heart but I had so many feelings inside of me. I love movies that teach you something, that evoke emotions, that inspire you and challenge your views. I'm making an effort to watch decent movies (rather than shitty chickflicks) and documentaries as a better use of my time. I love cinematography and watching movies is what I enjoy most in my spare time so I better make those hours worthwhile. A blog post about recent movies I've watched will be on it's way soon!

10) Ignore the weather - I definitely think that the gloomy wet weather of Newcastle has impacted my mindset. I just can't be bothered to go outside or do anything! But fresh air always makes me feel better so get outside regardless and try to motivate yourself to be productive regardless of the sky outside!

"Inside us there is a world we cannot pronounce, and that is who we are" Emmanuelle
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