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My favourite products at the moment

I like to think of skincare as celebrating my natural self. The simple act of cleansing or applying moisturiser not only benefits my skin, but my mental health too. I appreciate the routine I go through that is incredibly therapeutic and allows me to be mindful - I can unwind and let the serums soak into my skin and relieve any tension.

I received a lot of new products for Christmas in my Rituals calendar, as presents and in my Birch Box that I get monthly so I'm going to go through a few with you! What I love about little testers like these is that you can experiment with what works best for your skin rather than indulging in a single product that may be costly, and not actually work for you! I'll add a few extra bits and bobs to review too...

Poolar Polar Night Cream - this night cream is designed to give your skin a boost whilst you're sleeping - perfect if you're a little lazy in the morning and always forget. It has Boreal Algae in which is an enzyme that causes cell regeneration at night and it makes my skin feel naturally refreshed when I wake up. It's £38.30 so quite pricey but it's a generous tub.

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum - this cream targets blemishes and evens skin tone, like a primer but it's consistency is more of a moisturiser. I love it because its 99% natural! At £16 it's less of an indulgence but you get way less product for your money!

Mélusine Jade Roller - you should use this roller across your forehead, jaws and cheekbones to reduce tiredness and puffiness. Honestly, I don't know if it makes much difference but the coolness of the Jade feels therapeutic to my skin, and it's pretty! However, according to Elle magazine, "Benefits that you may see from usage include improved skin tone and elasticity of the skin; natural collagen boots; reduction of puffiness and wrinkles; promotion of lymphatic drainage; toxin elimination; and tightening pores, since the crystal remains cold even when in direct contact with the skin", so I'll give it a go in my skincare routine.

I received this Cleansing Foam in my Rituals Christmas calendar - and you guys know how much I LOVE this brand and every product they sell! Each of their products are inspired by a different aspect of Asian cultures, the Namaste range wants to encourage natural beauty and this cleansing foam wants to purify your skin. It's soap free so it's perfect if you have sensitive skin using moringa and holy lotus. Originating from India, the Moringa tree is also known as 'the miracle tree' and contains a rich source of antioxidants used to nourish and hydrate the skin whilst the Holy Lotus is a symbol of purity, beauty and wisdom.

I am new to the exfoliator life but already, after only a few uses I know that this Vasanti BrightenUp! Exfoliator will become a regular in my skincare basket. I can feel it working when I use it and I've instantly seen a difference in the brightness of my skin. All you need is a pea size dollop and massage it into your wet skin.

Greenfrog Botanic Natural Body Lotion - winter can cause great stress to our skin leaving it dry and malnourished so keeping it hydrated is a must! This lotion contains argan oil which repairs cells and improves complexion. Also, the bottle is fully recyclable so no need to worry about unnecessary packaging.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - since uni and having minimal income I've really tried to limit what I spend on makeup so its been drugstore products for me as of late. But for Christmas I received my all-time favourite foundation. The coverage is amazing and you literally only need a smidge to cover your whole face and it doesn't feel like you're caked in makeup. At £33.50 it's a lot more expensive than your average Rimmel foundation but I promise, it's SO worth it

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer - similarly, this concealer has fantastic coverage and feels super light on my skin.

The morning before my Birch Box arrived I almost bought a new highlighter but I couldn't be bothered to invest in another product and try out new ones so I left it. I usually go for a powder highlighter but I've wanted a liquid one for a dewy look. Luckily I waited because this Glow Milk Highlighter by The Beauty Crop is the BEST highlighter I have ever come across. It's super creamy and so easy to apply, and the tone is just shimmery and colourful enough (it comes in 3 different shades) - beautiful and I would 110% reckoned it! It's only £15 which won't break the bank too much either.

Peach, pinks, golds and brows are my favourite go-to eyeshadow colours because they suit my dark eyes. I received this 24G Grand Glam Eyeshadow Palette from Max and it's super shimmery and pretty. I would use every single colour so it's not a waste and there's plenty to experiment with.

If you haven't heard of Lisa Angel then visit their shop in Norwich or look them up now because it's such a beautiful local brand! This travelling jewellery box is perfect because I'm always in-between Max's house and mine so now, I won't misplace my earrings or bobby pins.

I love this face design and it's everywhere at the moment (does it have a proper name? or is it just 'face'?) and I came across this Stackers Quartz Face Hanger in John Lewis. There is a limited amount of space so I've only put my favourite and every-day pieces on it. I think it's so pretty and takes centre stage on my dressing table.

I love hairbands because they keep my curls out of my face without having to shove it in a bun. I follow Kaz Crossley on Instagram and always comment on how much I love her Kaz bands but I can never be bothered to go online and buy one but I finally did - I opted for 'the Princess' band and I love it! I can be completely lazy and wear it whilst looking like I've made an effort because its so damn pretty.


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