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Let’s make 2019 a year of no bullshit, no fat shaming, no feeling guilty for eating and no restriction. Instead, let’s encourage each other to love our bodies, to nurture them and to treat them with respect and to free our brain of the negative thoughts that encage it. You can start this process at ANY time but why not start right now and begin your year in the best possible way and set you up for life. Because once you’ve mastered that self-love, it will guide you all the way to the end and you will unleash a magic in yourself that is unstoppable.  I’ve seen a lot of shit on Twitter and Instagram since Christmas about getting back on the diet, how to reduce bloating and body goals for the year. But NONE of the things I’ve seen are real or healthy. Why? ...

1) Kim Kardashian and all the other celebrities that support Flat Tummy co or any other supplements are lying – I highly doubt they use these products because they have personal chefs, a lot of money and personal trainers! (quick rant coming – why on earth they sponsor these ridiculous things is incomprehensible. They should be considerate of the millions of people that they influence and c’mon, it’s not as if they need the money).

2) they don’t work!! Quick fixes will never give you your dream body nor make your insides glow. If you knew the damage that these supplements actually did to your insides you wouldn’t take them. I used to take laxatives after a binge, and I would regret it the next morning because I felt like all the nutrients had been sucked out of me and my body felt so limp and groggy – not at all what they promise you!

3) the weight you put on at Christmas will not make much difference to your overall weight at all – you will get back into your normal routine and do whatever suits you! It’s natural to bloat and feel a bit groggy because your body isn’t used to all the food, and I know there’s probably loads of leftover chocolate, cheese and alcohol in the house, but your body will naturally balance everything out. 

Just make sure, if your new year’s resolution is to lose weight – that you do it healthily and considerately, and don’t neglect your mental health. I believe 2019 should be OUR year to nurture ourselves and of self-improvement. It is only your mindset that is holding you back. Believe me, I know how hard it is to change your entire mindset and start to actually free yourself, but every day it gets easier until one day, you don’t have to think about it anymore because you’ll eat naturally, without counting calories or thinking about how to compensate or how it’s going to affect your body. It’s all practice.

By believing in yourself and allowing yourself to be free this will benefit every aspect of your life because you won’t be consumed by food. I feel so strongly about encouraging everyone to practice mindfulness and self-love: you don’t need to have a mental health issue to try it. Although my journey began as a consequence of anorexia, I believe that everyone should practice regardless of their situation to ensure that you are prepared for life. They should teach classes in school so that it PREVENTS anorexia and similar illnesses rather than wait until after.  Here’s my task for you - buy tea lights and a bath bomb (I recommend either rose petal or lavender) find the nicest smelling candle and body lotion in your house. Run a bath. Turn off the lights. Just soak in the peace and quiet and meditate for a few moments. Try and ensure the house is silent so that you can only hear the bubbles and rise and fall of your heartbeat. Breathe. Enjoy those moments to yourself and let your mind flow in and out of awareness. Then begin to question what you want this year to bring you and how you wish to improve your mindset. Think the impossible. Find your focus and think about it for a few moments. Become at peace with your thoughts and allow yourself to feel at ease and content. Remind yourself of what this world is and how magical it is to be alive and remind yourself of all the goodness in the world. Just spend the rest of your bath in your own thoughts and at peace. Maybe read a book or meditate using an app or listen to music. Then unplug the water. See your skin shine. Feel how peaceful your body is. Rub yourself in lotion and slide your dressing gown on. How do you feel?

Set yourself some goals to improve your mindset this month. Start with just one month so there’s less pressure and then re-evaluate how you feel. Here are some self-care / mindfulness goals to consider that I found on a podcast by The Mindfulness Kind.Implement at least one hour of meaningful self-care into your life each week (that could be walking, yoga, reading a book in a café etc)Practice mindfulness first thing when you wake up in the morning – lay down on the bed and take 5 minutes to breathe. Maybe start with a positive affirmation or something you’re grateful for, read a self-help or wellness book for some tips.Spend more time with people who make you feel goodChallenge just one negative thought each day – eat more calories and force yourself to let the guilt go.Figure out a better routine – sleep better and be more active during the day! Spend more time around nature Declutter your spaceSpend less time on your phone – you can now monitor your phone use on your iPhone easilyStart or maintain a journaling practice – it’s so therapeutic and can help you figure out your thoughts and document your progress

"Beauty is not a requirement of your existence. Beauty doesn't determine whether you deserve your space in the world. You have permission to exist beyond how others perceive your body. Don't let them tell you that beauty is all you have to offer" Emmanuelle
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