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Little ways to treat yourself without the expense

We all deserve the odd extravagant treat here and there, the blow your pay check all at once kind and splurge on that designer handbag you've had your eyes on for weeks kind, but there are actually so many ways to treat yourself without the expense! I'm going to help you by suggesting a few little treats without breaking the bank...

Buy yourself flowers

Gals, it's 2019, we don't need no man to buy us a bunch of flowers. Seriously though, flowers have the power to completely brighten up a room. They fill the room with beauty and a delicious scent, instantly boosting your mood. It's just a little dose of happiness every time you look at them and they cost as little as £2 or, you can go into your garden and pick your own for free!

Run a bath

I pretty much say this in every single blog post, but a bath cures all my problems, even if it is just temporarily. A bath bomb can cost £2-4, or bubble bath, bath oils, bath salts etc they can all be super cheap and super therapeutic but if you want to spend a little more money on one, they last a fairly long time to justify it. I like to either plug in my headphones and listen to a mellow playlist, listen to a podcast or read a book. It's an hour out of your day and can completely turn your evening around from a bad mood to a relaxed one. I recently bought this bath accessory for £12 so that I can enjoy a glass of wine too.

DIY project

A therapeutic and creative way to treat yourself is to find yourself a little DIY project that you can pick up anytime you want. Dove Cottage shares a weekend mini make on Instagram each week tasking us with a mini DIY project that are always cute, easy and budget friendly - her recent shares have been place mats, a rope basket, plant pots and a marble tray. You could also try homemade skincare products, embroidery or crochet. I like to scroll through Pinterest, I have a creative board that is filled with little projects and things I want to make (however, I should disclaim that I am lazy and have probably only made 1 thing from that board). Also, each month I use the Free Prints app to get 40 of my photos sent to me for £3 and I scrapbook them with the date and a little description.

Cheap date night

This doesn’t have to be a couple’s date; it can be a friend date too! If you love movies like me, a cinema date is a fun idea – Tuesdays and Wednesdays are cheaper with meerkat movies and it’s usually free parking in the evening. Make sure to go to Wilko to grab a sharing pick & mix too. You could also cook a new recipe together from scratch or create a little fort in the living room with blankets to get snug in the cold months. You could play board games, watch a whole series in one night, make a dessert and share it, have a bath together - the list is endless. Max and I made a living room fort in the summer with fairy lights and lots of sheets / blankets and we binge watched Stranger Things 3 and made honey and garlic chicken skewers - it was dreamy. My gal pals and I love to eat a load of chocolate and watch romantic movies all night too so being social doesn't have to cost a penny.

Pamper night

My all time favourite thing to do as a relaxed treat is to have the whole evening to myself. I run a bath, make a delicious dinner, light a candle, pour a glass of wine and get that zen feeling on. You could read a book, journal all your thoughts down, paint your nails, do a hair mask, watch a series or a movie, listen to an audiobook, watch a documentary or meditate - or as I like to, do all of those things! This is your time to use however you want! Dimmed lights, earthy scents and mellow music is my recipe to relaxation. I promise you, you'll wake up feeling so peaceful and luxurious.

Make a meal from scratch

Alone or with someone, find a challenging recipe that you want to try and do it! Sip some wine, get your favourite playlist on loud and then reward yourself with a delicious homemade meal. You’ll feel relaxed, nourished and accomplished. Or, make yourself breakfast in bed – create your favourite breakfast and a coffee, get back under your duvet and snuggle. Just sit, and feel the warmth, feel the stillness outside of your window, watch the breeze if there is one or the birds, enjoy your messy hair and bare skin, just sit. Enjoy your tranquil moment. Savour the mouthfuls and let your mind release all stress and anxiety.

(This is my third point that involves wine - maybe you should just ditch these points and buy multiple bottles of wine).

Buy a little something

You absolutely don’t have to spend a fortune to get the same high from retail therapy. Often, a little present can have the same effect. I tend to buy books as a treat as they can be super cheap second hand or from The Works at 3 for £5! Other ideas are lipsticks, a pair of earrings, fluffy socks, a vase or a makeup pot for your dressing table. Something I have been loving recently is Birch Box because you get little samples of all things lovely (hair, makeup, skincare) to try! There are always deals on them, so you never really have to pay full price and it’s a little treat to receive a surprise through the letter box!

How cute is this tea pot and glass cup and saucer from Ikea? £7.50 for the lot and I'm going to use it everrrryyyyyy day! I'm going to feel like a fancy lady sippin my tea leaves while I write my blog posts.


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