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How to have an awesome Monday

It's so easy to just write the day off purely because it's a 'Monday' but Monday's don't have to be so blue. You have the power to turn it into a positive day. Try a couple of these tips and change your attitude...

Start with some movement

I always feel better throughout the day when I've moved my body whether that be going for a walk, doing a 20 minute yoga video or even stretching for 5 minutes. If you release some endorphins early on then you'll start the day happy.

Practice gratitude

As soon as you wake up write down 5 things you're grateful for today. If writing isn't your thing then speak it aloud instead (or just in your head).

Set some time aside for something that makes you happy

Set aside 20 minutes to read a couple of chapters of your book, buy some tea light candles for your evening bath or plan a dinner date with your friends. It doesn't have to be anything major, just make sure that you set aside some time to relax and be happy.

Narrow down your to-do list

I'm really bad for writing down every single errand that comes into my brain, but I'm working on minimising my tasks to be realistic. That way, I'll feel more productive and accomplished rather than beating myself up about all the things I didn't have time for.

Spread some kindness

Kindness is free and it's medicine for the soul. The simple act of smiling at a stranger or chatting with your cashier at the supermarket will make you feel better, and hopefully it will bring some joy to their day too. Make a conscious effort to do one kind thing each day.

Spend time in nature

Nature also releases endorphins and I feel 10x better straight away after I've been near some greenery. Even buying yourself some flowers or having house plants will give you that little boost. But be mindful - notice how the flowers smell or how the leaves are starting to transition into the beautiful orange and browns of Autumn.

Focus on one healthy habit

I'm enjoying having one positive thing to focus on each day or week at the moment. Healthy habits could include drinking more water, reading more, taking time to prepare your meals or using your phone less etc.

Eat with delight

You can eat for your mental and emotional health as well as your physical health. You should treat your mind with the same care as you would your body. The act of cooking a meal from scratch and taking pleasure in what you've made is so wholesome. Listen to your body and enjoy whatever it wants.

Tidy your space

Make sure you tidy your space before you leave your house or before you start your working day. I've said it a million times but, a tidy space = a tidy mind! I promise it won't take as long as you think and you'll thank yourself afterwards.

Have a little sing or dance

This might sound really silly but I swear, when I'm sad or not feeling my best, I listen to some fab songs (Jessie J is my favourite for a boogie when I need a mood booster) and dance horrendously in my bedroom. That 2 minute dose of fun really changes my mood.

Your day really can be determined by your attitude. Sending you all some positive vibes and remember, you have the power to manifest and practice positive affirmations!

Emmanuelle x

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