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How to Create a Cheap Date Night Away

Are you sick of being at home but don't have the funds for a proper break away? Why not check airbnb for a local house to stay the night. Max and I were sick of living with our parents and really fancied a cute date night and we managed to find a beautiful studio in Norfolk and buy dinner food and wine for £50 each. Here's how we did it...

We weren't sure exactly where we wanted to go - but we knew we wanted something private and self-contained so we searched for anywhere around Suffolk and Norfolk. There were so many options to choose from, most of them were reasonably priced. We narrowed the options down and decided on the perfect option - a glassed, modern barn made of brick and light wood for £80. The 30 minute drive was easy and the location was completely isolated so it felt private and intimate. We could hear nothing but the birds and the breeze.

On the way we stopped at Tesco to buy ingredients for dinner. There were local pubs around but we really fancied experimenting and creating something new together. So, we found a recipe on Pinterest for chicken teriyaki, for which most ingredients we had in the cupboard so we only spent about £10 on food each including dessert, wine, yummy fresh bread and avocados for breakfast.

We were greeted by our hosts Helen and Paul, who were super lovely and showed us around the studio. It was such a beautiful sunny day so the garden looked incredible and we couldn't wait to go and explore what looked like a meadow. Max and I were both impressed by the decor, aesthetics and brightness. Helen is an interior designer and we've decided when we're rich she can design our house. The studio was attached to the garage, which was attached to the main house so you didn't feel like noise was an issue or you were being a pain. The main house was absolutely breathtaking - it was made from brick and wood, open plan, very bright from all the glass windows and had a little balcony with a table and chairs. Also, a major bonus was their dog and cat coming to join us!

I absolutely adore the simple earthy colours with hints of boldness through the yellow and green. Normally I'd hate the thought of yellow cupboards but it just looked so 'right'. The brass coloured decorations like the sofa, cushions and side table complimented the tones. The stairs were also super cool because they alternated width in line with your step (I don't know if I described that well so check the photo) although I wouldn't want to walk down them drunk! I'm also a massive fan of open studios where the bedroom and living room are one space because it feels bigger. The private garden space was relaxing and I imagine a sunset would look picture perfect.

Firstly, we went for a walk to explore the garden. The majority of it was wild and open but they had created a garden path weaving in and out of the trees which was magical. They'd recently planted cherry blossom trees which will look beautiful when they're fully grown. I could have wandered for hours. Nature really does cleanse the soul and the vibrant colours and smells felt like my soul flowers had been watered. What I liked most was how natural and wild it was but still so pretty and kept. Everything looked like it was supposed to be there, despite it being a little random and all over the place.

Afterwards, we cracked open the beers (I'm not a beer kind of girl but I've decided I want to be, so I'm giving it another chance) and sat in the sun with a blanket around my legs and listening to music. We made guacamole and crisps and played games. It was therapeutic to spend time together alone, in the fresh air and focusing on something other than our phones or laptops, it was especially a happy distraction from the diss! I wish we had bought more board games or something though to keep us entertained.

Next, it was time for dinner. It was our first time making something like this so I was a little worried it would go wrong, but it was divine. It was super easy, although it was time consuming. If I were to make it again, I'd pre-make the mixture because you have to allow it to marinate and then it would only take a few minutes to properly serve. I would 100% recommend this recipe! It had cooled down drastically so we moved inside and poured some wine. If you want the recipe then let me know and I'll upload it as my next blog post.

In the evening we stuck the TV on and watched some movies. It would have been even more perfect if we had a better movie selection, I was really in a Harry Potter mood. We dimmed the light and sipped the rest of our wine. It was so cosy under the thick blanket and I dozed off quickly. I slept really well and didn't want to leave! I love natural light in the morning so the glass windows were welcomed, it makes it easier to wake up early. We made avocado on toast for breakfast with tropical juice. If it were warmer it would have been nice to sit outside but we could still admire the birds singing and greenery from the sofa.

Overall, it was wonderful. We barely had to pack or drive far, made a delicious dinner and had time to ourselves for just £50. Depending on your budget I'm sure you could find a cheaper option and there were definitely some luxurious cottages to stay in so have a browse! It doesn't have to be a date night with your boyfriend / girlfriend either! you could get a few of your friends together instead. I feel cleansed and enjoyed a good dose of intimacy and peace.

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