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How About We Embrace the Future Instead/

I used to be a planner. I had every aspect of my day and my life set in my head. I mean, I still write a to-do list every morning but I've become a little more accepting of spontaneity and just 'winging it'. I don't know how or when I’ll achieve all my goals, but I know that one day, I will have ticked them all off. My new motto is ‘treat the future as an exciting challenge rather than worrying about every step...’

My attitude changes depending on my mood. Sometimes I cry from worry and sometimes I embrace the unknown. I believe that everyone should set goals and peruse their dreams, but I equally think that we put a little bit too much pressure on ourselves. In times like this, we need a sprinkle of perspective and balance.

I am surrounded by strong people. People who know who they are, what they want and work towards it every day. Max is incredibly motivated and focused. He somehow seems to have it all figured out and I look to him for direction. He is talented and works hard every day. He goes above and beyond. I love being around that because it inspires me, but it also immensely intimidates me. But then I remember, he’s nervous too. He has confidence and ability but can't always exercise it. Although he seems to have it all together, he has moments of insecurity like me. Like we all do. We don’t have to be on top of everything every second of the day.

I had coffee with Michaela not so long ago, and she had so many goals and dreams for her career and future self, it's hard to imagine her ever failing because of the confidence she held. She told me about her latest ideas and upcoming plans and I came away feeling great because we had just had a mutual conversation and celebration of each other. She motivated me to reach higher and not be afraid of it.

On the other side of the spectrum, I talk to my friends and we’re so clueless. We’re worrying about our grades, what we’ll do when we finish university, whether we’ll ever get a job we love or when we’ll buy a house. I mean, we’re worrying about some things we can’t even control, or things that are so far in the future they’re not worth a glance. Some things are just not worth the energy right at this moment, but prioritise your goals and that’ll help you.

Now for my favourite part, the positivity…

I know there is this ‘perfect’ life we all have to reach for, and this notion of happiness that one day we might finally reach. But it’s all an illusion. You can be happy today. You can have your perfect life however you want it.

You don't have to have it figured out all the time. You can experiment. You can change your mind. You can explore. You can decide on your goal at twenty or fifty. Focus on what you can control. Make steps to improve the moment right now, rather than wish you could control the future. Take comfort in your strengths. Remember that you can be a little bit cocky. You're allowed to take pride in yourself and know your worth. You can question what you want at any moment in time. You never know who you'll meet or what opportunities will come along.

I've written out a few of my goals - goals that I can work on right now and control. Things that will benefit me now, to create a better me later on.

I want to wake up every day excited for life. My dream job right now would be a magazine journalist. I would love to write for Cosmopolitan or a lifestyle magazine! I want to do something that I love every day, that challenges me and that I enjoy. I want to be successful but being happy is my main goal. So I'm going to continue and improve my blog: I love writing and I want to express myself every day.

I want to fall in love again every day. Relationships are something you work on every day and I'd like to think that I can build and maintain a happy one.

I want to frequently learn. I want to take classes and educate myself. I want to improve and better my skills. I hate that feeling of being stuck and restless, so I hope that I can keep it at bay. I especially want to read plenty of books. 

I’m going to save up because I want to travel. I just want to experience life differently and learn about different cultures. I dream of trying new foods and getting lost in a new world of beauty. It seems so freeing to be able to adventure. I have a long list of places to see.

I want to be someone that spreads love and light around them. I want to meet everyone with kindness and encourage others to do the same.

I want to take happiness in the everyday things. I want to notice my surroundings and be present in the moment rather than wishing it away.

I want to leave university knowing that I made the best of my experience. Working hard and meeting new people in a wonderful city.

"So what if instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time, just let your pile of good things grow" Emmanuelle

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