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Health Myths

Don't trust everything you read / hear (not even from me). Different people maintain different lifestyles and different people share different beliefs. But health and well being is so important to your life. You should make sure that you're aware of what makes you feel happiest and try to improve yourself every day. Maybe take a few moments out of your evening to research and change a few habits or beliefs to bring out the better aspects in you. I have tried to take my research from reliable websites but remember there is 10x more to the point than what I am writing.

Carbs are bad for you - honey don't pretend that you don't loveeee peanut butter on toast and pasta!! carbs give you energy to fuel your body every day! They don't make you fat so don't eliminate them from your diet, they're actually full of nutrients (especially wholemeal carbs) that benefit your body. They keep you fuller for longer and taste amazing.

Chocolate is bad for you - chocolate in excess is unhealthy, just like every other food in the world! even fruit and vegetables. Moderation is key and by balancing every type of food, you have a balanced and unrestricted diet that satisfies those sweet cravings while doing your body / mind wonders!

Eating after you exercise cancels out your progress - you need to refuel your body after exercise to repair your muscles and prepare you for your next workout. Protein is often recommended as a post-workout meal.

Eating fats make you fat - there are different types of fat! despite all of the 'low-fat' diets circling around, it is necessary to incorporate. Good fats are beneficial to your body because they are usually rich in nutrients and also fill you up.

Skipping breakfast - Honestly I swear that breakfast is the most important meal (and my favourite) of the day. If you think logically about it, in the day you'd go about 2-4 hours without eating but when you're sleeping you're fasting for 7 hours+ so your body is craving some energy hence the 'break-the-fast'. Also, I think that when you eat a big nutritious breakfast it sets you up for a good day because you're more likely to continue eating well, enough and feel accomplished.

You don't need to exercise vigorously every day - Rest days are important because you need to give your body time to recover to prevent damage. And we all need days to just chill!

Gluten is the enemy - there was a phase of many people eliminating gluten from their diet but unless you're coeliac, it isn't really necessary. Yes, sometimes gluten can make us feel a little bloated but it doesn't last forever and there aren't any long term ill effects.

Slip ups = weight gained - just because something is branded as 'naughty' doesn't mean it really is. Healthy eating has popularised but you don't have to comply to it 100% of the time. You don't have to eat and workout perfectly all of the time, you are allowed to relax and not feel guilty for it. Just do you.

The lighter option is always the healthiest - it sounds better but most of the time it isn't really. It can be replaced with artificial sugars that are harder for your body to break down. Vegetarian / vegan diets are healthy - not always.

You have to be underweight to have an eating disorder - eating disorders come in all different shapes and sizes. You can eat something with your mouth while fighting your head and all without anyone noticing.

You can choose where to lose fat - when you lose fat, you lose it everywhere not just in a particular place so don't beat yourself up for not looking exactly how you dream. Only focus on what you can control.

I am firmly against any pills, waist trainers or accessories that help you lose weight - I definitely think that doing it naturally and safely will give you better results and make you feel a lot better in yourself. Please don't be ashamed of your body shape! every single inch of you is beautiful.

You are beautiful no matter what. The word health means something different for everyone. You need to figure out what the word means for you and work towards that, both mentally and physically. You don't need to have an amazing body to be healthy as long as you are happy and in feel good in yourself.

"I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I want to be and where I am inspire me instead of terrify me"

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