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Fashion in France

What I love about co-ords is that you can style the top or bottoms with other pieces and get an entirely different outfit. I promised myself that during my week of work experience I would not venture into the shops, but temptation got the best of me and on the last day I gave in. The material is really light and airy so it's perfect for exploring in the sunshine; I prefer off the shoulder tops as I think they flatter my arms more and don't leave odd strappy tan lines.

Co-ord: Topshop Sunglasses: Topshop Shoes: (a very old tattered pair) of Vans

I was a little hesitant about wearing this dress as it's quite short, even by my standards but I feel like you can get away with more on holiday. I love the floral pattern and crinkly straps; it's easy to throw on. I bought the little bag from a market for €7 and I fell in love with something to hold rather than put over my shoulder.

Dress: Pretty Little Thing Shoes: Newlook Bag: A market in the Provence  ​ I love the tennis skirt look but this is a little more classy with the gold buttons and white goes with everything so it was easy to style. This bag is also really practical because it's versatile and small so you don't have to carry loads with you, only the essentials. As my waist is a little smaller than my hips, it flattered my figure as the material naturally flows out.

Skirt: Missguided Croptop: Zara Bag: Primark

So by now you can tell that the colour red was my summer vibe. This dress is so pretty but because of the slit and open middle it can be dressed up too. Midi dresses are so fashionable and a safe option between over dressed and under dressed.  I think a necklace would have completed the outfit though.

Dress: Missguided

I saw this on the website and it caught my eye immediately. Pink is my favourite colour and I really wanted to have a girly wardrobe this summer as my mother always moans that I dress like a boy so this channeled that perfectly. It is a little see through so you ought to wear nude knickers because I made the mistake of wearing bright blue the first time I wore this. But it's a really nice fitting dress that highlights all the right areas. 

Dress: Pretty Little Thing Shoes: Jones Headscarf: France

I feel like a Spanish dancer in this dress but it's one of my favourites! the flowy sleeves and bottom swishes when you walk. The light material hugs your figure but doesn't feel uncomfortable in the heat. Because it's pretty low-cut I didn't wear a bra and you have to be cautious when bending over, just to warn you. I wore vans because we were walking through cobbled streets all day but I think a pair of red or white heels would be beautiful too. 

Dress: Missguided

Mum made me swear to tell you that this is in fact her dress, but I just had to borrow it for the night. It's a one size fits all so it's super elastic but the tie means you can adjust it to fit your waist. The pattern is simply heavenly and it's such a light and silky material that feels lush against your skin. Again, I'd love to wear this with a pair of heels but because it was already a decent length on me, I didn't feel like I needed the extra height. I usually prefer to wear heels because I'm only 5'2 and need all the inches I can get.

Dress: A market in the Provence 

I've never been comfortable asking someone to take a photo of me and posing for the camera (unlike my Instagram may lead you to believe). My parents and brother were my photographers this holiday and I kept telling them to look away or wait until everyone had gone past. But thanks to them, especially Simon for getting down on his knees to get all those angles, I was able to bring one of my favourite blog posts to life. I LOVE clothes and I love reading fashion blogs so I really enjoyed this one!

"Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force" Emmanuelle
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