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Exam Season Daily Routine

Exam's, dissertations, projects - whatever it may be, this time of year is usually a stressful time for all of us. I'm a pretty organised person but sometimes there just isn't enough hours in the day to achieve everything and have you-time. So, to combat this I've been getting up earlier and I've been way more productive in the day which has given me more time to myself later on, creating the perfect routine for now, to nurture my mental health and work hard.

I'll talk you guys through my daily routine and maybe you can incorporate some of these things into yours, or you can share your own with me!

6:30am: this is usually when my dreaded alarm goes off. Sometimes I hit the snooze buttons but I try to get up before 7. If you know me you'll know how much I love sleep, so getting up earlier was tough at first, but I feel so much better for it and it's majorly benefited my productivity. But if I'm not going to the gym or my body feel like it needs more rest I'll lie in until 8ish. Then I'll get changed, wash my face etc and make breakfast. Breakfast usually consists of something filling like vanilla yogurt with granola, bananas and berries, avocado on a bagel or my favourite at the moment, marmite on toast! I'll let it settle down whilst watching some TV - I'm watching Big Little Lies and Grey's Anatomy at the moment.

8:30am: I'll arrive at the gym and hopefully have a 45 minute - 1 hour session. I split my workouts into 4 different days: cardio and abs, upper-body, legs and back.

9:30am: I head straight to the shower because wearing sweaty gym clothes is so gross. I'll grab a snack and make my lunch to take to the library, it's usually just a pasta salad or something easy! I'll change into something comfy, put my coffee in a flask and head off to the library. I don't bother with makeup or nice clothes because it's really not a priority for me.

This flask is only £5 from Wilko! Would definitely recommend investing to save some pennies and the planet!

10:00am: Luckily the library is only a 5 minute walk away from my house. Usually I'll meet my course friends there because we can help each other with work and have a little gossip in between. I aim to be in the library from 10-5, but obviously if I'm not feeling it I'll go home rather than waste my time or if I'm still in a work-mood then I'll carry on. It's not a solid 7 hours of work though don't worry! I phone Max, snack, scroll through my phone and chat with my friends too. But getting the gym out of the way has really worked for me. Before, I'd go to the gym about 10am or wait until 3pm but either I won't start work until midday or by the afternoon I can never be bothered. Being active is really important to me so I still like to incorporate the gym into my routine during this stressful time. It feels so great to have the whole day to get things done and have a set time dedicated to writing my diss.

6:00pm: I'm home and in my pjs by this point. I usually put Netflix on straight away to begin my me-time! I'll start cooking too, I don't really have a usual dinner, it just depends what mood I'm in but I try to aim for something wholesome and nourishing (tonight I'm having chicken in pesto, vegetable rice, broccoli and roast tomatoes). I'll either eat that in the living room with my housemates or in my room whilst watching some tv.

7:30/8:00pm: After dinner I start to demolish some chocolate (Easter eggs still at the moment), make a green tea, light a candle and do whatever helps me relax. Sometimes I'll listen to music, read or have a bath, but more often than not I'll watch a movie.

9:30pm: Downtime starts now! I like to stretch on my floor and practice some yoga, sometimes only for 5 minutes but it prepares my body and mind for a restful night. I'll brush my teeth, wash my face and cleanse. The last thing I do is write my to-do list for the next day. I phone Max to say goodnight and wallah, I usually fall asleep pretty quickly!

It might sound pretty boring but I'm actually loving the productive vibes at the moment. I can definitely make time for other things - like I went to the cinema and for drinks the other night but I try to base my days around this routine so I can achieve everything on my to-do list.

Although I should note, on the weekends I've been getting up later and have been a lot more relaxed! On Sunday I woke up at 12, headed to the gym, wrote this blog post and that's everything I achieved, but I don't mind because I needed that day, and I've worked hard for it in the week!

"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done"


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