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Daily habits I want to master

As a super organised, controlling and rarely spontaneous human, I like to have a lot of order to my day and I've always set goals and wanted to achieve more. I have been very lazy recently but hopefully these things will help me blossom for the rest of the year.


I always forget to meditate and like I said, I'm lazy and always put it off, but I feel SO much better when I do! It allows me to connect with myself and if I have any worries or anxieties they usually come to the surface and I can get to the bottom of how I'm feeling. I'm very aware of the importance of having a few moments out of our busy days to get in touch with ourselves and just enjoy the pause and I'm determined to make it a habit.

Educate more

I love trashy TV, but I also have such a thirst for knowledge, creativity and intelligence. I tend to stick a TV series or a chick flick on while I'm getting ready or just want some comfort, but I could be filling this time with much more. Rather than sticking The Office on, I want to find a documentary or a podcast to teach me something new or fuel my passions and happiness.

Do more with my day

After a long day of work, I lack motivation, energy and creativity but that's just lazy. I could 100% be doing more with my time. My daily routine at the moment is: getting ready for work, working, going to the gym (sometimes) and then watching TV and sleeping and I'm bore-dddddddd of it. I love to read, write and get outside so I'm going to push myself to do more of these things. I could also be working towards my future by practicing writing more and contacting work experience placements or magazines to freelance for, but I've become a little stuck in a rut, and now it's time to climb out!

Less fast fashion

A lot of us are trying our best to help the environment and the biggest thing I'm trying to tackle at the moment is fast fashion. The other day I was trying to find an outfit to wear and I had one of those tantrums and hated everything in my wardrobe, so I bought something new. I was so mad at myself and even madder that I actually liked the clothes when I tried them on because I didn't want to send them back. From that moment I vowed that I would desperately try not to get caught up in wanting something new all the time. I'm going to educate myself on it some more and have reminders around me not to give into the temptation of fast fashion.

Appreciate my natural self

I've always said that I never want to get to the point where I feel like I need to wear makeup each day to feel comfortable. Since working as a waitress I've had to serve different people and I guess I feel like I need to look presentable and look 'pretty' each day. I've worn makeup nearly every single day for work and sometimes I really can't be bothered but I do it anyway. If I don't want to wear makeup, I'm not going to feel pressured to wear it. Be comfortable with your natural self and challenge yourself if you're not.

Leave my comfort zone

I'm naturally very anxious and nervous, let's call me an introvert. Doing new things absolutely petrifies me and it takes me a while to settle in and feel comfortable in new surroundings and situations. I get nervous at work when I make mistakes and people intimidate me but I can be confident and I like who I am and I know I am capable of more so I'm going to push myself to be better, do better and do more! I really want my blog to start looking more professional so I'm trying to teach myself to be tech savvy, take better photos (I'm still waiting for that crash course Max) and improve my writing skills.

Look after my body

You guys know how much I try to care for my body, mind and soul but lately looking after my body has taken a back seat. I've skipped meals, eaten snacks in place of a proper meal and when I have eaten a proper meal it hasn't been very nourishing at all. None of this comes from a place of trying to lose weight - I have quite unintentionally done it by being busy or forgetting! I hate feeling like my body has been undernourished and I need to take the time to cook proper meals that I love and enjoy rather than eat for the sake of needing something to satisfy my hunger. I never ever weigh myself - it was probably last year I had to weigh myself for the doctor but when I went to my friend's house she had scales in her bathroom and I thought "it doesn't scare me anymore so let's have a little look" purely for my own curiosity and I'd lost nearly 1 stone and that shocked me because I hadn't meant to or wanted to! I have noticed that I don't have as much energy, my teeny tiny boobs have shrunk, and my shape has changed slightly. My periods haven't been regular since I recovered over 4 years ago, so I really need to focus on upping my weight and hopefully seeing some changes in my menstrual cycle, body and energy levels.


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