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7 Things That Inspire me Daily

I look for inspiration in everything - from how to live my life, what clothes to wear, how to decorate my room, how to be a better person and what to blog about! We can find inspiration from the tiniest of things and create something magical out of it. Here are the seven things that are inspiring me right now...

1) Instagram - since I've started looking at Instagram as a positive platform by unfollowing people and ideals that made me feel negative about myself and instead following hashtags and accounts that spark something good in me I've loved scrolling through it! I used to feel really shitty after being on my phone looking mindlessly at models and unrealistic aspirations. But I love Instagram because it is so visual - I look for interior I want, clothes I want, self-help tips and travel destinations. I've just started a fashion and communications module so I thought I should stay up to date with the fashion world and have followed all my favourite designers and their hashtags (I don't know why I didn't do this before) and my feed is so colourful and uplifting!

Here are a few of my favourite accounts right now:

  • Moniquelhuillier (fashion)

  • Daintreeecolodge (travel)

  • Interiordesignmag (interior)

  • Vogueliving (interior)

  • Elledecor (interior)

  • Archdigest (interior)

  • Christianlacroixmaison (interior)

  • Spiritualcreative (well-being)

  • Bayouwithlove (eco-friendly accessories)

2) Pinterest - okay I know this is really similar to my Instagram point but I love it! This is more creative because you can organise your interests into different boards. If you like to visualise things and like to be super organised then this is perfect - it's like an online mood board. Interior is my favourite idea to search at the moment - I'm loving the colour pink and lots of patterns - not minimal at all. Its a great tool to search for a particular idea. I've found loads of creative projects I want to try like:

  • Embroidery on clothes

  • Make a patchwork quilt

  • Create a piece of jewellery with wire

  • Bullet journalling

3) Nice people - people being nice for no reason reminds me of all the goodness in the world. Sometimes I get really sad thinking of all the horrid things in the world and it makes me angry, and I forget that there are good things too. So when strangers smile at me, or I see someone compliment another person or go out of their way to help someone - it gives me hope and inspires me to be a better person too. It's even more rewarding when women are supporting women!

I also love seeing people laughing or just being happy - it really does have a knock on effect.

4) Music - I love my weekly new music playlist on Apple Music. Taking the time to listen and understand the lyrics is so therapeutic and often I find inspiration in their words and it uplifts my mood. You know in 500 Days of Summer when he's walking through the park listening to 'you make my dreams come true' I get that feeling too and always feel like I'm in a musical or something walking down the street blasting music and I could genuinely start singing aloud (but I won't for your sake).

5) Experiencing - doing new things makes me feel like I've achieved the impossible. I get so nervous doing new things, especially on my own but when I do it feels so rewarding. You have to leave your comfort zone to grow - and that's the biggest thing I've learnt. Already this year I feel like it's going to be a good one because I am totally determined to live. I am a creature of habit and comfort but I am trying to challenge that and it's going well so far. University has been a really testing experience for me - I've missed home a lot and felt out of my depth but third year has been revolutionary. I finally feel ready for the world and the adventures on their way.

6) Socialising with positive people - again, being a creature of habit I love to be on my own too but being around people you love can completely improve your well-being. Also being around people that teach you things is really important - all of my friends have different values that I admire. We often have discussions, about insignificant things to world issues and it's refreshing to have a meaningful conversation that forces you to engage your brain and truly think or reflect on something. The people I am around inspire me every day and I am thankful for that.

7) Never stop learning - I am a huge advocate for this. Learning doesn't stop after school or university and there are sooooooooooooo many things in this world worth learning about. My favourite ways to do this are by watching documentaries, watching YouTube videos, reading books, going to galleries, reading articles online, going to exhibitions etc! I desperately want to see the new Dior exhibition at the V&A museum, it looks divine. New knowledge inspires me daily to be better and do better.

"You have to be willing to be bad at it in order to get good at it"


P.s. If you have not already completed my survey about the 'Body Positive' movement as research for my dissertation would you be an absolute diamond and do it please - https://newcastle.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/how-has-the-body-positive-movement-changed-beauty-ideals

Thank you! your girl wants to do well in her diss! xx

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