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21 Things I Have Learnt

On Saturday I celebrated my 21st birthday surrounded by my beautiful friends and family and lots of pink decor, (I don't know if you noticed because I didn't post about it on Instagram, ha),

despite actually tuning 21 today. But, besides drinking a lot, posing in front of balloons, smothering all my friends and family with love, and stuffing my face with cake, I also did a lot of reflecting on my 21 years of life.

1. Beauty does not define who you are, how successful you are or what kind of person you are.

2. You should not have to justify why you say 'no'. Whether that be to a night out, to a date, to a job - you have the right to choose and not have to excuse yourself for it.

3. Expressing your opinions isn't always worth the argument. Holding your tongue is sometimes the better option.

4. Relationships are work. You don't fall in love and live happily ever after, you have to work at maintaining a happy relationship.

5. You choose to be happy.

6. Mistakes are part of human nature. Forgive yourself and let them teach you something.

7. Your friends are SO important. Don't ever stop making the effort.

8. Not everyone will like you, and that's absolutely ok.

9. Don't forget to save and not waste money.

10. You shouldn't go actively looking for things you think will upset you / piss you off.

11. You can spend all day in your pjs if you want to, you don't have to be motivated and active every single day.

12. If you don't absolutely love an item of clothing, don't buy it (and keep the label in it if you buy it unsurely).

13. Boost and support your friends achievements and successes even if you are a tad jealous.

14. Always wee after sex.

15. Taking time to work on your mental health is a life long investment.

16. Being healthy and looking healthy are two very different things.

17. Being in love is the best feeling, be it with yourself, a boy, a girl, your best friend, a city, or a character.

18. Do more of what you love and stop making excuses.

19. Step out of your comfort zone more often. You'll become less nervous and you'll feel amazing afterwards.

20. Being kind is your greatest superpower.

21. Do things and make choices for you, no one else.

"If you don't like the road you're working, start paving another one"


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