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10 Healthy Habits to Try Today

1. Get up earlier - I absolutely love sleep. I could sleep for hours straight whatever the time of day. When I first met Max, I discovered that he was an early riser. Now, you'd think, early on in the relationship the guy would want to make a good impression and not be rude and wake you up right? but no. When Max wakes up, everyone has to get up. I thought it was romantic at first, but as time went on I would shout at him and he'd be in a mood for the rest of the day.

Anyway, the moral of that story is - thank you Max. Because I have since learnt to wake up a little earlier and start my day. The earlier I wake up, the more time I have and usually, the more productive I am. I also love that by the end of the day, I am ready to settle down and have a good sleep because there is nothing worse than a  restless night. Enough sleep is also really important because it enables your brain and body to function at its absolute best. 

2) Create a list of how much you're spending each month - as a university student, budgeting and keeping track of what I'm spending is essential. Obviously I have a colour coded spreadsheet but it doesn't have to be that extra. It simply means that at the end of the month you can see what you've spent and what on so that next month, you can make a few changes to save a few more pennies and make better decisions. 

3) Do not skip meals! and take the time to cook and eat mindfully! - I cannot stress the importance of nurturing yourself from the inside out. Try your best to make time to actually sit and enjoy your food rather than always rushing about. Let your food settle before going onto your next task of the day. Make a meal that you adore and you enjoy cooking. I know that's difficult when you're a student or you're working, but it will pay off. Make your lunches and snacks in advance or create a meal plan for the week. Please don't skip breakfast (you haven't eaten in hours how are you not starving?!) because it really does set you up for the day and starts you off right. 

4) Do something creative, expressive or do something you enjoy every day - after dinner there is no way I'm turning my laptop on to do work. This is my chill time now. I like to have my dessert and climb into bed. Anytime of the day is fine but choose a part of the day that is for you. I like to read, watch a movie, go for dinner with friends, dress up pretty, find inspiration in a documentary, journal, write a blog post. Anything that you love and enjoy, do it. Because life is not about your job, or your degree, or that he didn't text you back. Your world actually does centre around you so be wise with how you spend it and who you allow into it. 

5) Go outside more - I think fresh air and nature can cure so many things in the world. If I'm feeling a bit down, a walk genuinely does make me feel better. No it doesn't fix the problem or make it go away. But it gives me time to explore my feelings and be in touch with myself. And it's super therapeutic? water gushing, trees bristling, a breeze and birds singing - it's all food for the soul. Let it heal you. But if you're gonna do it - be in touch with the moment. Process how the fresh air feels on your skin, listen to the sounds around you and admire the flowers and the colours of the leaves that you're strolling past.

6) Speak up - you have a voice. Do you know how lucky you are? We take for granted the fact that we have so much freedom in our life. Whether you have a good idea for a group project, whether you don't agree with what someone said, whether you're witnessing something you don't like or, whether you've found out some new info or if you just think someone has the most beautiful smile ever - you have a responsibility to yourself and to those people who don't have a voice to speak up. 

7) Set yourself goals - this way you will always have something you want to achieve and something to work on. I believe this one is so important because you should always strive to be better - learn more at every opportunity, try new things and be nicer! there are so many things you can aim to do (look at last week's blogpost). How about going vegan one day a week? or writing a blog post a week? or only spending a certain amount of money a week. The list is endless. Start today.

8) Be grateful and appreciate - take the time to thank yourself and others, and nurture yourself. In any way that you know how, it's a completely personal experience. But practice self-love and spend time remembering who you are, what you stand for and what you value. As I say time and time again, when you love yourself from the inside first, that love is going to grow and grow and burst out of you. You will attract so much light and goodness into your world in return.  Take the time to love and be nice to people - smile at people, think about others and reach out. It takes two seconds to drop a text. I value goodness so highly - I want to be a kind person with a good heart.  

9) Do not compare yourself - not physically, mentally or spiritually. When I'm at the gym sometimes I'll look around and see an amazingly athletic woman and look at myself in the mirror and feel embarrassed, this is the moment you remind yourself of who you are and what has led you to this moment. My body is a different body. My experiences are different. My genetics are different.  To all the people that seem more successful than you or more intelligent - do not treat them with jealousy or hatred. You are on your own journey and you will reach your own potential. Use them as inspiration and let them teach you a few things.  You cannot possibly compare who you are to someone else because you are ENTIRELY different from head to toe and soul to soul. Be proud of that fact. 

10) Go meat free when you can - guys, climate change is a thing and it's happening. We do have a responsibility to make small changes because if everyone does their little bit, things will slowly get better. I'm not saying cut out meat or dairy all together, but how about just for one or two days a week stick to the veggie option? you might even enjoy the change. I've recently chosen to slowly cut out meat and dairy - I don't want to label anything because I don't like restrictions and I don't want to cut out anything permanently as I don't believe that will be good for my health - if I fancy a greasy cheesy burger I'm not going to deny myself, however I am going to limit my consumption. 

"No one is going to rescue you from yourself - your inner demons, your lack of confidence, your dissatisfaction with yourself and your life. Only self-love and good decisions will rescue you" Emmanuelle
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