Self-help guides have helped my mental health and wellbeing unbelievable amounts. Read my 5 favourites that changed my world


I LOVE watching movies. If I could live at the cinema, I would. Here are my top 6 movies of 2020

Mental Health

It's safe to say that the relationship with my body has been a rollercoaster. But lockdown affected my mental health in a way I couldn't have predicted.


Hello there! My name is Emmanuelle, a freelance writer and blogger based in my hometown, Suffolk.


This blog is a jumble of all my favourite things: body image, fashion, travel, food, interior and all things lifestyle. We all want to change the world - me? This girl is on a mission to spread a daily dose of love and kindness into the world. 

I am a recovered anorexic, a journey which has shaped who I am today. I want to encourage people to embrace themselves and shower themselves in love to create a happy and mindful life.

You'll most likely find me staring at pictures of elephants, eating pick and mix, slathering marmite onto toast, planning a cinema date or watching Harry Potter in my pjs. I hope you enjoy what I have to share with the world...

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